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  1. PM sent, awaiting a copy of this! Looks very good!!
  2. JLP731

    Autobrakes RTO?

    Hi all, Thanks for your replies. I'm out at work today and I'll check again tonight, maybe my hardware brakes are conflicting, I shall have a look at FSUIPC and see if I get any luck. I don't recall the speeds but I shall keep that in mind, as I said I'm sure you really only rely on the auto brakes for a few seconds while you coordinate everything else and then by instinct you'd manually brake anyway! Really aooreciate your thoughts, chaps. Josh Park
  3. Hello all- Quick question! I like to be slightly different sometimes, and often try to put various different airframes through their paces. This will involve things like stall tests, various failures, all sorts of weird and wonderful maneuvers. My favourite though, is testing our Rejected Take-offs in different situations, weather, states of decay on the aircraft, etc. I don't notice a huge deceleration on Autobrakes RTO in this aircraft. I am aware the default FSX brakes message is suppressed and you use a custom ground friction model. I would expect brand new brakes, with no failures or any other settings altered, to really throw me forward in my seat and stop the aircraft fairly quickly. I've tested this with and without reverse thrust, with some difference detected. Are RTO brakes not supposed to be the same as MAX autobrakes? Should it not be a lot more effective bringing the aircraft to a halt on the runway? Manual braking is FAR more effective than RTO. Maybe I'm missing something, or I'm stupid? Maybe RTO autobrakes aren't supposed to be as effective as I expect them to be? I would guess in a real-world RTO, they are probably only active for a few seconds until the PF would take over manual braking. Thoughts and insights would be most welcome!
  4. JLP731

    AP Disconnect re-connecting?

    Hi Kevin, thanks. It does say 2 presses! Maybe it's an FSUIPC issue. Perhaps I should just map it to the default key command.
  5. Hello again, My AP disconnect isn't working. I use the Saitek X52 and have a mapped button with FSUIPC for AP disconnect. In every other a/c, including other PMDG, I press once to disconnect and press again to silence the warnings. Can someone advise the correct settings to have this work in the QOTS II? I press it twice, as I do in the 737 and 777 and it just disconnects and reconnects. I know there's options in the FMC but I don't know which one. Any help appreciated!
  6. Quite disappointed to find there was no in-house AF1 livery included by the PMDG team this time around. Yes, I'm not an idiot, yes I'm aware it's a -200 airframe, but last time you included one. How long before the repainters get around to it?? Surely it's a fan-favourite, no??
  7. JLP731

    So sad...

    Frames on this are actually better (I find) than most other Carenado aircraft, especially the Phenoms. The NavData is navigraph compatible and you can update it with a specific installer from Navigraph with each new cycle. And as for the altitude number above the tape, I have no idea what you mean. Mine works fine? ALTS and VS/FLC works, (albeit FLC is slightly buggy)
  8. Anything come of this yet?
  9. To any of the mod squad or any other people who know what they're doing- Seeing as my previous idea to merge the CJ2's cockpit with this body was impossible- can someone explain how I could move the CJ2s FMS into the S550? Ideally into the VC but if not I'll settle for the pop up 2D gauge. Thank you!
  10. Hi all, No idea if this is even feasible, or maybe I'm just completely mad- I really like the exterior model of the S550 and I like to use it to replicate real world flights using that model, but the flight deck is dated and the FMS is just appalling- so I was wondering if there's an easy way just to merge the interior cabin/cockpit with the S550 model? It seems relatively simple but I'm just not sure if it can be done? Ideally I'd like the ProLine suite in the S550 but that's probably going to become way too complex. Just let me know if I'm losing my senses here! Thanks for any input/advice.
  11. To all of you who know what they're doing a lot more than I do, Is anyone willing to help or provide some information with regards to making a profile for this aircraft in PFPX? Or some simpler way of just modifying the data that it has for the CJ1? Thanks for any help you may give!
  12. JLP731


    Thanks for your answers guys, but I'm still struggling here. Even with V1.1, after tuning the frequency in the FMC page, vPilot will not pick up the active. The number remains white, the TX and RX boxes still greyed out. I've fiddled with all the buttons on the radio panel with no luck, this is with APU and both engines running, everything fine on the overhead. Perhaps its a problem with vPilot connecting with the Hawker? I just don't know what else to do.
  13. Hi all, This might just be me, or maybe I just haven't looked hard enough, but I can't seem to find any avionics switch or radio masters, and as such I cannot connect to a radio in vPilot. I can tune the frequencies but they don't become active in the pilot client, remaining faded out, almost like I just haven't switched them on. Similar to the PMDG 777, you can tune them but can't access them until you press the VHF1 key. I've tried fiddling with the radio panel on the left of the captain's seat, with no luck. I haven't tried any other pilot client with it because this is the one I choose to use currently. I'd appreciate any help as this does prevent me flying this online VATSIM! Thanks guys. Josh
  14. JLP731

    A rather silly question?

    Shift + [Num Buttons], I can't recall them all specifically to hand. Try 5, 6, 7, and 8.
  15. Fantastic work there, G-SPUR and G-ASSY downloaded, flown and very much appreciated. Great stuff, and well done!