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    I am a student pilot working on my PPL. I am a VATSIM controller at ZTL atlanta.
  1. Airplanepilot501

    Jetways in fsx

    Like ft51d said, get AES at the airports you can't operate the jet ways with the CTRL-J command.
  2. Airplanepilot501

    Navigraph AIRAC setup out of memory error

    As of now I have 89.5 GB of free memory. It might be a lack of ram since I only have 4GB of ram(with 3.88GB usable). The only thing I could think of is something stopping the setup on my computer. I have kaspersky anti virus, but my kaspersky subscription was expired for a long time now. I do have an anti malware program called malwarebytes, it does scans and removes unwanted software and other files. As stated before in my reply to ubersu, I have an anti malware program call malwarebytes witch does scans and removes unwanted software and other files, but my anti virus program kaspersky is expired, out of date, and cannot be relayed on. So you can say if I run a malware scan, witch the answer is yes. Yup the installer is current, it's AIRAC 1510.
  3. I keep getting an "Out of memory" error when I use the Navigraph AIRAC setup. My computer has almost 90 GB of free space and the AIRAC 1510 update for my Level-D 767-300 only requires at least 354.6 MB. That error should not happen. The Navigraph set up allways worked in the past, but it is giving me problems now. Here is a screenshot: Please help, I need to update my Level-D 767-300 and my other planes. Thanks you!
  4. Airplanepilot501

    FSX keeps crashing Help!

    (1) I get 14 fps with no ai airplanes and it drops down to 7 fps with maxed out ai aircraft. (2) i use FSX internal video creator(3) it worked with my windows 7 laptop(4) Im not very good a computer programer is there a tutoral for that?
  5. Airplanepilot501

    FSX keeps crashing Help!

    Can someone help!?
  6. Airplanepilot501

    FSX keeps crashing Help!

    FSX keeps crashing every time i tried to play a flight video. It takes a long time to load and when it gets to around 83% loading time FSX crashes and I get this "Microsoft Flight Simulator has stopped working A problem caused the program to stop working correctly. Windows will close the program and notify you if a solution is available" FSX crashed in window or full screen, this problem is delaying me from making fsx videos. I get this same error practically every day and noting i did seams to be working. Windows never notified me of any "solution". I have Windows 8(8.1) , what is the problem that keeps crashing FSX is it my graphics card, my terrible Intel processor, is it 64 bit? is it Windows 8 it self? Hear are my computer specs Inspiron 15 Windows 8.1 64 bit 1 Intel Celeron CPU 1007U @ 1.50Ghz 1 Intel HD Graphics 2500 or Intel HD Graphics RAM 4.00 GB (3.87 usable)
  7. Well i will have to wait, I can't buy a new copy of Flight simulator gold edition with the money i have -_-
  8. No, i can't get my computer to read disk 1.
  9. It's working a little bit, but most of the scratches are still there.
  10. Hello, When i tried to install FSX on to my new computer, a part of the disc drive some how lifted up and started to badly scratch disc 1. I tried several times to install fsx but it stopped reading after a little while. I tried toothpaste to removed scratches but it made the scratches worse. Heares the proof of purchase Heares the damaged cd Is there some way to repair the disc or a digital disk 1 downlad. Please help me fix disk 1 so i can get back to flying again. Thank you