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  1. GlidingKiwi

    Rudolph the red nosed.....Airbus?

    Just a quick note from the QPAC development team: A popup MCDU has been agreed to for the basic version and will be provided with one of the next updates. (That should set an end to the strain on your eyes.) Also, we are compatible with AirFMC which allows to have the MCDU on an iPad for much more convenient MCDU access. Regards, GK
  2. GlidingKiwi

    Rudolph the red nosed.....Airbus?

    Thanks! That about the most detailled bug report I have seen in a while. So, my assumption that it might be limited to Mac (that's the only system where I encountered it) is wrong - it does happen on windows too... I might have to ask Ben Supnik if he has any idea what causes this; could be weird combination of things between us and x-plane... Thanks again, GK
  3. GlidingKiwi

    Rudolph the red nosed.....Airbus?

    Hi Jonkjon! Congratulations, you are the first one to find the reason, why I demoted the version from "final" to Beta 4 only. I was surprised, that a good 2 weeks since the release of beta 4, nobody else complained about this yet. When I found it first, I gave it the same name btw; in my "outstanding work" list, it runs under the "rudolph"-bug. Unfortunately, this bug is very difficult to analyse and fix, which is why I left it in for the beta 4. I tested beta 4 on 9 (!) different platforms ((Win/Mac/Lin) X (XP9, XP10 32 bit, XP10 64 bit)), and it only occured on one so far, and it does not occur in a repeatable fashion either. We do not even know if it is our plugin causing this, the "external lights object" that we added for beta 4 or the aircraft file itself. And due to the lack of repeatability of this bug, it is very hard to pinpoint the culprit. (I can try the exactly same configuration 5 times and I get the bug only 2 times out of the 5) You can help us by giving us details of your computer configuration (OS, exact X-plane version, time of day when this occured and position of all the external light switches at time of occurence.) Fortunately, this bug is really a simple nuisance that does not inhibit you from flying; so while we are working on it, it is not something that needs solving by tomorrow. Thanks for pointing this out, GK