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  1. You got the point - VATSIM is nothing without pilots but this platform itself doesn't seem to care about the pilots.
  2. You do have the right to speak but calling everybody saying something which you don't agree as "trolling" wouldn't make you look smart but self-absorbing. We all expect users of this forum to make meaningful comments. Btw, this thread was on the FIRST PAGE before I made that comment regarding VATSIM so I don't see a problem.
  3. I laugh every time people saying something like "VATSIM is VATSIM, if you don't like it then leave". Of course everybody has the right to leave but people who voice out usually want the network or service to improve or deal with problems. Luckily not all of the human beings think like this otherwise we would still be using birds to help delivering messages across continents nowadays. :Shame On You:
  4. Agreed, In the US most people want to control in airspaces at either West or East coasts but very few want to work in the mid-US. That's why every time I flew from LAX to JFK in the weekends soon after taking off from LAX ATC service is gone. EU is a much better place to fly in. Also, the chance to encounter a bad or arrogant ATC is much higher in the US than in EU.
  5. Because they are just lucky to have people who agree to take on regular "shifts".
  6. Because all ATCs on VATSIM are volunteers and nobody could guarantee that a certain position will be on in a certain period of time.
  7. Of course I have the model sets installed in my computer......it's the problem of the model matching rules which failed to match the model sets to the VATSIM traffics correctly. Why are you 100% sure that the disconnection problem is at my end? I have examined all rules and settings on my firewall, router and the computer which vPilot runs on before making such claim. You are saying that you didn;t ever heard about people having disconnecting issue with vPilot? Just Google it. The issue is that a lot of the threads regarding vPilot disconnection are not answered whatsoever......I call this "good support". If I haven;t read the manual of vPilot, then I would be surprised that I intermittently could complete flights with this client. What do you tell if a software works intermittently from a software engineering point of view? you may not have experienced any problem with vPilot but I am sure that not all people got no problem with this software. You having no problem doesn;t mean that this software is perfect. You like this software very much doesn't mean that this software doesn;t have room for improvement. it would be great if you could start listening to others and be less self-absorbing.
  8. I downloaded all model matching rules from the vPilot so maybe the problem is in the matching rules. With Squawkbox I didn't experience disconnection at all but with vPilot the disconnection is disturbing. Hopefully development of vPilot will continue and improve.
  9. I am not troll but a person who voice out the truth which makes some people unhappy. With the extensive collection of incident cases in the library I am speaking with absolute confidence. Something you don't see doesn't mean it never happened.
  10. I was not saying that none of the ATC in VATSIM is good. What I meant was ATC is in no way superior to pilots so they shouldn't act or talk like that. For ATCs who don't act like this it's fine; for ATCs who do act like this they need to have their mindset corrected.
  11. Make sure you know everything you need for flying in VATSIM otherwise once you encounter an ATC who's not happy working with newbie he will just report you then your account is banned. In VATSIM they just don't care about pilots.
  12. vPilot seems easy to use, however after years of experience working with this problem I can tell that it's full of crap bugs: horrible model matching accuracy, frequent disconnection etc. Squawkbox is much better in terms of stability but it's just too old. So the conclusion is that there's no good client for VATSIM.
  13. Many controllers in VATSIM think that they are god and all pilots are inferior to them. The reality is, pilots can fly without ATC but ATC can't do anything with pilots.
  14. Yeah I understand. I was just saying that seems that some other people really do care and are planning their moves. lol
  15. In many VATSIM related communities, I am seeing several case reviews going on to fight the misconduct of VATSIM staff.