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  1. Hi - I'm looking for anyone willing to take on 3 repaints from Carenado and Alabeo. The planes in question are: Alabeo Cessna 172RGII (specifically the N694NS paint, with the red color changed to a steel blue with the registration number changed to N379CD in white) Carenado PA31 Navajo (specifically the N5402G paint, with the gold stripe changed to light gray and the registration number changed to N5358H) Carenado PA34 Seneca V (specifically the N95465 paint, with the teal stripes changed to light gray and the registration number changed to N5351A) The main custom work involved would just be custom registration numbers... the original paint patterns would stay the same with just the requested color changes. If anyone is interested, please let me know - thanks!
  2. Seeking someone to paint a custom repaint for the Carenado / Alabeo Cessna C172RG II. The request is primarily white with a wave design on the side and rudder - a link to the actual aircraft scheme is below (the registration number for the request would a bit smaller and be N38B4E rather than the one on the picture): http://fivepointaviation.com.au/wp-content/uploads/2015/03/cessna172rg1-wpcf_300x194.jpg (located on the following website: http://fivepointaviation.com.au/aircraft/) If anyone is interested, please let me know - thanks!
  3. That was it - thanks. I just copied the new files into the old livery directory, not overwriting files, and it worked. Thanks again!
  4. Greetings all - I'm trying to port over some of my FS9 Carenado paints to FSX after purchasing the FSX version of the 182Q - and I'm having an odd problem I can't seem to find a resolution for. Most of my paints are based on the Long Range version of the plane - which, in the base package, only includes the Coast Guard livery. When selecting the default Coast Guard livery paint, I get the usual, as shown here: However, when I view one of my paints, this is what I'm getting: I am not sure why my paint is doing this - it is a DXT5 image, just like the Coast Guard image is, complete with an alpha layer for shine (particularly on the chrome spinner hub). I'm sure it's a leftover issue in my paint somehow from FS9 and a conflict or something with FSX and how it renders shadows, but I'm not sure how to resolve it. Does anyone have any ideas?