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  1. jul737

    Autogen distance loading problem

    Hi, Thanks for your answer, it's better now, I'll try to play around with those values. Many thanks!
  2. Hello, I've recently installed FSX:SE on a new computer which specs are: Windows 10 Home intel i5 5200U @2.2 GHz Nvidia GeForce 840M (2GB) 8GB of RAM @ 798MHz I'm having some issues with the autogen: they load up close to my aircraft, but when you look further away there are no autogen buildings or trees and the textures are quite blurry. Here are some pictures to illustrate my problem: These are my current FSX:SE settings: does anyone have an idea of what I can do to make buildings and trees appear further from my aircraft?
  3. jul737

    VoxATC 6.46 and VoxPOP

    Alrighht thanks for your help!
  4. Hi! I've recently installed voxatc 6.46, I've started it up with only the anna voice and everthing worked fine, now I've installed voxpop server and 4 voicepacks, now it's taking forever to initialize (more than 10 minutes) and I haven't even heard one 'test'. Any suggestions? Kind regards