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  1. Yes it says rotate after landing...I am careful to say "takeoff" at the start but perhaps I have gotten sloppy. Thanks...I'll try again and be sure I do it. Hopefully that is what caused it. I appreciate the suggestion.
  2. I am having problems with the takeoff...it doesn't recognize positive rate of climb unless I manually click the status forward on the voice control screen...then, when I do get it caught up to "after takeoff checklist" and come around to land it calls "rotate" after I land and sets the control back to takeoff sequence. Very frustrating.
  3. Is this been discontinued? I see sites advertising they won it but I can't find a reference searching this site.
  4. I have had the same issues with both button and voice version. Stuff happens and this will get fixed. One of the benefits of buying from quality vendors like FS2Crew and PMDG is that they are attentive to these things. Pretty amazing given the market isn't like Tom Clancy, Madden, FiFA or some of the other "simulations." In the meantime, it has been kind of fun to try to fly working around the problems...moving to the next flight phase or manually changing things. My only frustration was with "match heading" which sent the heading setting spinning for the whole flight and nothing would stop it! I actually had to fly headings by hand! Oh the shame!! Thanks for making products that are so realistic, fun and enjoyable for an affordable price! (PS I didn't move any FS2Crew stuff anyplace. When I did the reinstall of the new 747 FS2Crew was available with no changes on the FS2Crew installation, settings or anything else although I did "activate" FS2Crew because I always check it since it sometimes goes inactive.)
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