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  1. What a great result! Wish you a pleasant weekend.
  2. http://www.survio.com/survey/d/N9B3W5W7V9Q6Q4T1Y Here you can vote if you take part and the 2nd question is not a must! This is only that I know how many it will be. It is anonymous! After you voted you can close the window. Thank you.
  3. Have to ask the rest what do you think about this idea ?
  4. In my opinion it would be great fun to have you as controller :p0503: EDIT: What do you think about KIAD-TNCM? (Flight durance is about 4 hours) Does anybody know if TNCM is big enough for 4x747's ?
  5. After release you can write here when you're ready and then we can start so nobody is under pressure
  6. Great to get help from you. Yes I would love it to see some shots of the VC.
  7. Yeah I think also 1-2 weeks after release is a good date! EDIT: Would be great if you (@Hammerheadmike) could host a Teamspeak server
  8. Yeah something like this if anybody has another idea for a route send me a message or post it here and we can vote but thats a very nice advice.
  9. No, I only wanted to look if there is anybody who would do this when the 747 is released I know that can be many months until it will be released
  10. Hello everybody, is there anybody interested, when the 747 V2 is released, to do together on Vatsim a flight? We can vote here which route will be flown. Would be great when we will fly with 5 or 6 or even more 747 on Vatsim. Are you interested? And I know that they didn't said anything about the release date. greetings Jean-Pierre Bragdon
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