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  1. Release Party 747v2

    How time flies
  2. Froogle's first look at the 747v3

  3. which variants will be included?
  4. [19JUL15] The View from the Top.

    yeah some new informations would be very nice :wub:
  5. [13MAY15] Intercontinental breakfast, anyone?

    Is the 747 already in Beta testing?
  6. [13MAY15] Intercontinental breakfast, anyone?

    +1 can´t wait anymore :ph34r: :wub:
  7. [13MAY15] Intercontinental breakfast, anyone?

    do you anticipate to release this year? or even this summer? i know you don't give release dates but i can't wait anymore :wub: :ph34r:
  8. Release Party 747v2

    What a great result! Wish you a pleasant weekend.
  9. Release Party 747v2

    Hello everybody, is there anybody interested, when the 747 V2 is released, to do together on Vatsim a flight? We can vote here which route will be flown. Would be great when we will fly with 5 or 6 or even more 747 on Vatsim. Are you interested? And I know that they didn't said anything about the release date. greetings Jean-Pierre Bragdon