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  1. kingconan

    How does 64 affect the following?

    Ah yes, should have read that properly. The guy is running a Titan X.
  2. kingconan

    How does 64 affect the following?

    Very nice! What sort of machine are you running? Any tweaks to your V4 / are you running Nvidia Inspector?
  3. kingconan

    P3D 3.4 Texture Problem

    Hey all, Thanks again for your help so far. I am determined to try and find the cause of this issue. Since upgrading my Cpu/SSD/RAM I didn't upgrade my PSU (think its 500w). Could this be causing the slow graphics performance? Interestingly I came across a screenshot that I took last year (before I upgraded) and my textures looked sharp even into the distance. @newtie I've read a lot about AM. Can you advise what SM I should set within P3D and what to set in Lasso? I'm running an i7 6700k with hyperthreading on. Thanks again, Owen
  4. kingconan

    P3D 3.4 Texture Problem

    Hi Jim, Thanks so much for such a detailed post, I am hugely grateful. I've been simming for around 10 years, through FS9/FSX/P3D2.5 and P3D3, but except way back in the early days of my simming this is some of the worst visual anomalies that I've encountered. The interesting point is that I upgraded my computer around 6 months ago to my current specs and the texture issues (popping, slow redraw, small radius of detail around the aircraft) seems to have got worse since then. Out of interest yesterday I got a friend with the same graphics card as me but a worse processor to do the same flight that I did in the video posted above. He had no texture issues and his ground was clear. Yes there were blurries in the distance but they didn't redraw and pop as he was flying over them. I copied his P3D.cfg and confirmed the graphics card drivers and P3D version he was using and confirmed that he wasn't running anything like Nvidia Inspector. I'll hopefully get a chance to test tonight and will report back. Kind Regards, Owen
  5. kingconan

    P3D 3.4 Texture Problem

    Hi Poppet, Watch from about 1:55 in, you'll see the problem then. Many thanks, Owen
  6. kingconan

    P3D 3.4 Texture Problem

    Hey Poppet, Yesterday I did another wipe of my SSD (all that's on my SSD is Windows and P3D). Tested with no addons and straight out of the box I had the same issue. Tried turning the sliders all the way down but didn't help the issue. I've updated to the newest Nvidia Drivers when I did the windows re-install and then checked again via Geforce Experience. Tried deleting the folders above but no fix I'm afraid, it's really weird, especially on a fresh install! Kind Regards, Owen
  7. kingconan

    Mountains/Mesh popping

    I'm having this exact issue with a fresh installed P3D 3.4. Did anyone ever get to the bottom of a solution? My specs: I7 6700K overclocked to 4.0Ghz, Nvidia GTX 960, 250gb SSD and 16gb DDR4 RAM
  8. kingconan

    Scenery/texture slow loading

    Did you ever resolve this? I've got exactly the same problem and it's driving me mad!!
  9. kingconan

    P3D 3.4 Texture Problem

    Hi all, I'm really pulling my hair out trying to figure out what's going wrong here so I would hugely appreciate any help anyone can suggest. I've tried over at the P3D forums but have received no help at all and it's the only way of me requesting 'official' help. Ever since I've installed P3D3.4 I have an issue where the ground textures seem to be slow to load. It almost looks like they are constantly refreshing and even ground textures that I'm overflying will look to "re-load" as I fly over. It's hugely distracting and I can't enjoy my sim at all at the moment. This is when flying a fresh installed (on a reformatted SSD) with no addons and I've tried experimenting having my P3D settings as low as they will go, medium and high but the same happens. This occurs when flying low and slow (3000ft, 170kt) and at FL360 M.780 so it happens across all ranges. The textures will look fairly crisp on the ground but as I fly near them they will reload constantly. My system specs: I7 6700K overclocked to 4.0Ghz, Nvida GTX 960, 250gb SSD and 16gb DDR4 RAM. The link below will take you to 2 images. The first at 0.70 zoom and the second at 0.80 zoom. This shows how close ground objects are before they are loaded. This isn't the exact issue I'm facing with the ground textures but you'll get the point. Can anyone suggest what's going on here? I've tried everything from reformatting and fresh installs to tweaks, affinity masks, nvidia nspector but still can't find anything to work. It's so distracting that my sim is useable in this current form. Interstingly I didn't have this problem in V2.5 but now many of my addons are only compatible with 2.5 so I don't want to have to revert back. Thanks so much, Owen
  10. kingconan

    PMDG V2 Purchase Question

    Hey all, I've tried searching for the answer and couldn't find it so with that in mind... I don't own the current version of the PMDG 747 but I have been thinking about buying it for a while. Is the so called PMDG 747 V2 going to be a free update or will it be charged for? The reason I ask is that should I just wait until the V2 is released instead of buying the old 747 now? Thanks, Conan