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  1. iamcanadian2

    Hat Switch Only Working in One Direction In v4

    Wow Thanks.. do you know how many hours I spent looking in my flight sim ,computer -Logitech. Oh man and its the stinkin A2A. I never put the 2 together I installed the the Beach Bonanza its so nice to fly I set it as my default. Thank you Guys!!!
  2. iamcanadian2

    VancouverPlus Version 3

    Hey Bert did what you said opened up Add scenery in V4 - went to Prepar3d v3 checked the higher and lower + Victoria folders from V3 Addons and OK. It compiled them and Then V4 Crashed to desk top. Ok got me a little worried but restarted V4 again and went to Langley airport and Voila ,Adrian's restaurant is there and proper runways , took off and all the bridges and even the roller coaster at the PNE . Vancouver is BACK! I am happy as a clam if clams are happy. It did take a little hit on Frame rates from 50-55 to 30-35 but still smooth, this 64 bit version is a dream compared to V3. PS what positon in the scenery library is a good spot for van plus to be in ?Right now it is at #2,3 #1 is Dream team YVR I have PNW plus many airports installed. Thank you Bert Now that was easy!
  3. iamcanadian2

    VancouverPlus Version 3

    Hello Plane chaser. Can you give me a detail of exactly what files to copy? I have PD3d V3 installed on another HD with Van plus installed, I used migration tool and it works great in V3 but Man do I want this in V4. SO what scenerys and place it where. Little more detail .... I don't want to mess up V4. I live in Vancouver fly it all the time ,PNW is good but its the little things that made VAN plus and Victoria SO GOOD! Thanks in Advance.