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  1. Hi, after a long time I was thinking of reinstalling the J41 again. I'm confused about the files. I downloaded today from my account a new file and then saw there was a Service Pack 1 available. Do I install that one too? Thanks Frank
  2. I'm trying to buy FS2Crew Dash8 bundle but the website plays some tricks on me. I log-in, add the product to the cart, press checkout and then I get stuck in the billing details form. I enter the details in the form (although I am logged in), there's only one button on this form, 'Bill to this address' and if I press that, the form turns blank and that's it. Nothing else happens.....
  3. I just registered and paid 30$ for the mjc8 cadet training, but I cannot login with the supplied username and password, and I cannot see or download the videos. Futhermore a password reset doesn't work because the site considers the token expired (after 2 seconds!). The contact form on the site doesn't work either. Probably some small error, but I'd like to see this cleared ASAP. You can PM for details.
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