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  1. Frank666


    Right, thanks
  2. Frank666


    Where is PMDG support?
  3. Frank666


    Hi, after a long time I was thinking of reinstalling the J41 again. I'm confused about the files. I downloaded today from my account a new file and then saw there was a Service Pack 1 available. Do I install that one too? Thanks Frank
  4. I'm trying to buy FS2Crew Dash8 bundle but the website plays some tricks on me. I log-in, add the product to the cart, press checkout and then I get stuck in the billing details form. I enter the details in the form (although I am logged in), there's only one button on this form, 'Bill to this address' and if I press that, the form turns blank and that's it. Nothing else happens.....
  5. Frank666

    No access to videos and site

    Ben, everything is working, thanks
  6. I just registered and paid 30$ for the mjc8 cadet training, but I cannot login with the supplied username and password, and I cannot see or download the videos. Futhermore a password reset doesn't work because the site considers the token expired (after 2 seconds!). The contact form on the site doesn't work either. Probably some small error, but I'd like to see this cleared ASAP. You can PM for details.
  7. Frank666

    Trying to register product

    Like the others I'm waiting for a key. Registration email generated by RC was sent 5 days ago.
  8. Frank666

    F1Mustang CutOffL/R

    Hi, I'm new to LINDA and exploring it to see if it can enhance the possibilities of my CH Throttle Quadrant. Sofar I've got it working, so no problems here. I use the F1 Mustang sim and I was wondering: F1Must CutOffL/R on and off: the levers in the VC switch position (0,4) very fast: is it possible to slow this down to get a realistic visual impression of a lever being pulled back? Thanks, Frank
  9. Frank666

    J4100 Flashing Cockpit 2D Polygon

    Purchased and installed today: I had the exact same effect...after using the config manager disappeared. Maybe to add to the manual... Regards, Frank