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  1. bigryan62

    Unresponsive controls.

    Kevin u the man! thanks brotha!
  2. since new update unable to pan views nor move up and down. is it a known problem?
  3. bigryan62

    04 JULY 17 Thread Mysteriously Removed

    so who else got the operation update and spamming F5 over and over lol No rush PMDG no rush
  4. Faulting application name: ChasePlane.exe, version:, time stamp: 0x5961266c Faulting module name: ntdll.dll, version: 10.0.15063.0, time stamp: 0xa82cc161 Exception code: 0xc0000005
  5. all fixed thanks kevin! Sorry if i sounded like a A**! Cheers Mate.
  6. Evening. Unable to use the product when clicking preferences to set controls chaseplane just crashes consistently.
  7. Good afternoon. On a long haul to SFO from VHHH 60 Miles from TOD chaseplane started to crash i went to reload chaseplane and a update downloaded after 2-3 seconds of it loading chaseplane froze up then the simulator went with it. Any idea's? Thanks
  8. bigryan62

    Mouse Stutter

    Hello has anyone elsed had a problem with your mouse when using chaseplane? When running chase plane my mouse will hang for about 3 seconds then comes back and does it again. When turning chaseplane off the hang goes away, any idea? Previous version of chase plane ran extremely well for me now im stuck with this problem again.
  9. bigryan62

    WIndows 10 and P3d 2.4

    Sorry my specs are 17-4770 3.4ghz Turbo to 3.9ghz GTX 745TI 8 GB ram 1TB HDD
  10. bigryan62

    WIndows 10 and P3d 2.4

    SMH im fixing to rage I installed windows 10 fresh and clean. Went and installed p3d 2.4 and all went well. ITs in its own folder in the c drive. I load up in the default f16 and whatever airport it loads up in. It looks like this It loads then freezes and then closes with no error in the event log. Do i need to get p3d 2.5? i tried everything out of option here.
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