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  1. I have it working finally...Quite embarrassing, I was running the wrong exe Bursco...If you are running on P3DV4, make sure you use the: PSXseeconTraffic64.exe and not the one with the'X'. After re-reading the manual for the 100th time, I realized my mistake.
  2. I cannot get the real traffic to connect to PSX...It shows red, while other side shows P3D as green. Followed instructions. Thanks.
  3. Congrats PMDG team! Looks amazing from the shots. Excited to get this new bird into my hanger after work.
  4. Thanks Robert and your amazing team for your undying commitment to excellence in what you guys deliver. It's always worth the wait. Proud customer here. Thanks for keeping the bar set so high and congrats on the tripple product update!
  5. Glorious! Can't wait for this bird!!! Thanks for posting.
  6. Flight between KPHX-KDEN-KMSP...Flightbeam fields
  7. Let your crazed NGX minds race 😝 Sorry Devs, couldn't resist 😇 Great things come to those who wait...
  8. MTN1289

    ETA SP1

    People whine and complain to release the product and then they start bugging the dev's about service packs...Unbelievable.
  9. That's cool! Thanks Mike! Been using the updated version of Opus and having it export the PMDG data for the winds is very nice, no cut and paste to text file anymore! :biggrin:
  10. I installed Global v1.1 update yesterday, works just fine, all my other Orbx stuff is just fine.
  11. When ever I get strangeness like this, I just manually fix the issue. Just go to your LEGS page and type .828/, then execute.
  12. The sounds in this bird are so amazing...I thought the NGX was amazing and I think it still is, but this plane has set the bar, nice work guys!!! :Applause:
  13. I also had an error, followed instructions to the letter...I went back and watched Froogles JFK to Den flight where he shows the wind feature and I may have figured out why. He exported his plan from PFPX to the PMDG flightplan folder using the name KJFKKDEN01.rte. Now he then used CoRoute in the FMC to load that flight...Then created wx file, using the same flightplan routes in AS2012. He named it to match the CoRoute. So KJFKKDEN01.wx. When I created mine, I did not use a coroute, just manually entered flightplan. Wondering if that is the difference. Trying a flight shortly with the method Froogle used.
  14. This is great, thanks Luke!!!
  15. OPS CTR is very slick Ryan, congrats to you and the team!
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