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    near EDDV(Hannover, Germany)
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    Aviation, PC Hardware, Software and of course simming!

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    I'm an 14 year old boy from Germany who loves simming and aviation.
    When I'm older, I want to be an airline pilot.
  1. FloSim

    Your age?

    Thank you very much Jim! Hearing that from you makes me happy!
  2. FloSim

    Your age?

    I'm 14 years old, near to my 15th birthday. I started simming 3 years ago when I realized that I want to become a pilot, which is my dream since I can think. 6 months ago, I started flying gliders which confirmed my thoughts about becoming a pilot! Regards from Germany, Florian
  3. FloSim

    Your age?

    I'm 14, flightsimming since 2 years. And it's getting more to reality Someday, when I've finished school, I want to become an airline pilot. Currently I'm learning flying glider planes I just love it!!
  4. Please give them back to us! You're maybe one of the three best repainters for PMDG, so, please let us know why you put them down!
  5. Christian, I hope you read this and maybe you decide to give us the repaints again?
  6. The link for the Norwegian repaints at the top of the first page is working, but the other link at the top for all the other reoaints is not working :mellow: BTW, I really like the Norwegian repaints! Thanks for that!
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