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    near EDDV(Hannover, Germany)
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    Aviation, PC Hardware, Software and of course simming!

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    I'm an 14 year old boy from Germany who loves simming and aviation.
    When I'm older, I want to be an airline pilot.
  1. Hi gboz, sorry for my late reply. I was already thinking of the G930, but could you explain me a little more detailed what you mean with expanding the head band? Thanks in advance, Florian
  2. Wow, I would actually like to live in the US You're right, I'm living in Germany. I brought my Trackir directly from naturalpoint.com. It was then shipped to Germany
  3. Thanks for answering to my question, but this one is a little too expensive. 180€ is already the maximum amount of money I would like to spend on a headset.
  4. Hi guys, I'm searching for a wireless headset for use with my trackir trackclip Pro. I want to convert the wired clip into an wireless, and a new headset because all the cables are disturbing me. The reason I'm asking here is because I'm not sure which headset is suitable for the Trackclip, since it can't be attached to every headset. The price can be from 100€ (120$) to 180€ (210$) Thanks for all coming answers, Florian
  5. Oh. My. God! That's awesome news! I must find my credit card, money is waiting for the queen!
  6. FloSim

    Your age?

    Thank you very much Jim! Hearing that from you makes me happy!
  7. FloSim

    Your age?

    I'm 14 years old, near to my 15th birthday. I started simming 3 years ago when I realized that I want to become a pilot, which is my dream since I can think. 6 months ago, I started flying gliders which confirmed my thoughts about becoming a pilot! Regards from Germany, Florian
  8. Hi guys, I am wondering if the TrackIR 5 TrackClip Pro fits the Corsair Vengeance 2100. I'm planning to get this headset for christmas, so I would like to ask anyone here who owns the headset and maybe also the TrackClip. Regards from Germany, Florian
  9. Together with some simmers of a german forum, I asked 'fernreiseprofi' if he has the permission from the freeware authors, we got no answer. BTW, it's NOT enough to write ©Project OpenSky and then sell freeware. The seller has to give a written permission of the creators (PoSky, ...). Sorry, but that ###### me off!
  10. It is shared, because of WideFS. My version is 4.934, the same like you have. I've decided to reinstall everything. When I first installed Add-Ons, I had never installed them as admin. FSX itself is also not installed as admin. I'll do taht, may take a few hours but it's better after that
  11. Okay, now I really need help. FSX just crashed with PMDG 737 NGX...eventviewer says "FSUIPC4.dll", like if it crashes with AXE. I can't understand that, everything worked perfect until Saturday :( I haven't changes anything since a month, so why is it crashing?? I just don't understand. PMDG, go P3D faster please!!!
  12. FloSim

    Your age?

    I'm 14, flightsimming since 2 years. And it's getting more to reality Someday, when I've finished school, I want to become an airline pilot. Currently I'm learning flying glider planes I just love it!!
  13. @micksid: You know that FSX can't handle more than 4Gigabytes of RAM? Because it's a 32 bit application. Just wanted to inform you, 32GB RAM do not affect the FSX Performance.
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