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  1. zip104

    Engine freezing enroute

    Hello Robert, I load xplane 10 directly into flight ,rather than the graphic options pick aircraft weather ,airport. I never asked on the forum for a cure for this.I thought it was a quirk like FSX load default aircraft before add on aircraft. All i can give you is bits of what i found to read... SASL plug-in update cured a 32 bit only aircraft running 64bits.(non rotation of props) HOT FIX for Grumman Traveler v1.51 - fixes "frozen prop disc" problem when loading other aircraft without exiting X-Plane.vflyteair Mention of plugins conflict was also a possible cause. There was at least half a dozen posts a month ago related to this;the other forum members recommended a restart of xplane which fixes this.First noticed on aerobask DA42 then heinz p38 at that time. I'm not a technical computer type. The DC6 is obviously a very complex simulation and a exit and restart,is what i always do with stuck prop or frozen animation on prop.Happened twice,usually flying one plane then loading another.When flying DC6 i load nothing else,and fly this exclusively. I only returned to xplane five weeks ago after a year away with eyesight problems,so i could have missed something between then and now. Sorry i could not be more helpful. Best regards to all at PMDDG.(MD11,JS4100,DC6)Xplane10.45 up to date no missing/modified files. Dean Stansfield
  2. zip104

    Engine freezing enroute

    Hello Roberto If your props still moved,its a engine failure.Start a new thread and ask pmdg about modeled engine failure. Xplane has a glitch with resources,it shows as stuck prop or prop static animation of a prop. If visit type frozen prop;there is a more techinical-explaination than me. Kind regards to all esp.DC6 flyers! Dean Stansfield.
  3. zip104

    Engine freezing enroute

    Hello Erich I too have this problem(eng no2);it may be xplane at fault. Heinz p38,Aerobask Da42.i've seen frozen props with these also. Save you position with the pmdg save function,then restart xplane.Reload your save usually cures this. Could be xplane not loading the dc6 or swapping aircraft can cause it. There's more info on Dean Stansfield
  4. Hello Armen, Thanks yes its defo a levels issue,i'd already looked through the sounds folder to see if i could find the sample that drowns out my engines and props. It is a distraction at times,nothing more. I shall look at it,if i find the solution i will update the post.. Thanks Dean Stansfield 9:30am Update I lowered wind_general volume by 50%;it sounds better for me,i can hear the props and engines much more clearly now. Thanks for the guidance. Dean Stansfield
  5. Its louder on external views(tower view as example).Its there on the ground as well as in flight.Not there when engines are not running. If its wind roar it does not change its the same constant level,only adjustable from changing engine volume output level. I can hear the engines and props ,but the hiss spoils the sounds of engines and props.Like the sound are out of balance. Hope that helps regards Dean Stansfield
  6. Hello First thanks to all involved with the DC6(wife for cash also) I have a problem with what sounds like hissing static on the same channel as the engines.The sound is there with engines sound and volume level matches the slider output level.The hiss is external on all views and internal at same noise level.No issues with other aircraft or other software. Please note i read all dc6 forum posts related to sound before posting here. I followed all the guidance found with them.I also re-downloaded the aircraft and re-installed. Amd7850k,Kingstonhyperx2133mhz(16gb)R9 280.Creative soundblaster z pcie soundcard. All other sound(hdmi through gpu)and onboard are disabled and the soundcard is no1 on the runway. Thx for any guidance on the issue. Dean Stansfield.
  7. Best "sim"on the market. The realism has scalability ; spins can be tricky without some altitude. Bought the boxed edition about a year ago. I was worried my old nail would run it like a slide show.Also I found the combat in previous IL 2 SIMS not involving. (With exception to the first) Its fabulous once you give it some effort. Its up there with janes ww2 fighters and might alley and ROF. I will be looking into community mods next week. Never been online with this;had a negative experience flying ROF online.That put me off not having track ir can be a big disaster online with mid air collisions. Not the sort to intentionally spoil someone else's fun. Scotch egg is absolutely correct about COD. The feel is there with aircraft.
  8. Patch for cliffs of dover? Updates in the download from steam. Might alley by Rowan...only working links to patch I've found are on the track ir website.Google might alley patch track ir. Been playing a load of old sims these last few weeks.
  9. Best combat sim they've ever done. Now let's have a successor to mig alley!
  10. My PC is six yes weren't fast then. Runs smoothly on mine. Its a looker on medium settings.(me)amd3core@2.5ghz.4gig ram.gtx260. Blinding on something quick. A good force feed back stick works fan too!