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  1. PiercedB

    Audio Problems - First Officer Clip 1

    Hi Ben. Seems this audio issue is still present. I was about to re-watch the series and went on to the website to see if I could re-download the episode to have the corrected audio, but then realized from the web player that it was not fixed. Regards Rune
  2. This being the PMDG Support forums, they set the rules and the rules state that everyone posting on the forums have to sign with their full name. People remind you to post with your name, not because they want to know your name or origins, but so your posts aren't at risk of being deleted by moderators. Now, I'm not a very active member around here, but I do read a lot and have never seen anything related to people being discriminated against, based on their name. We live in a globalized world and you find people just about anywhere, with a "foreign" family name so it really doesn't mean much.
  3. Images looks absolutely stunning :wub:
  4. PMDG 777-200LR/F Base Package for Prepar3d "Price: $350,000,000.00 No shipping required" PMDG 777-300ER Expansion Package for P3D "Price: $300,000,000.00 No shipping required" A bit out of my price range, this. I guess I'll better start saving... Should be able to afford at least the base package in about a thousand years time. Appreciate not having to pay extra for any shipping though
  5. PiercedB

    Has anyone purchased yet?

    yes definately. Having watched through the first half already, I fully recommend this training package. Production is in very high quality both in technical quality and editing, the information is detailed and clear. Some of the information text boxes could preferably stay on screen a little longer, but not a big problem. This is absolutely great value for money and I'm looking forward to the comming training products from A2S in the future.
  6. Hi. Just want to start by saying I really enjoy the videos. However, I've noticed there is a sound issue on part 3. During the info bulletin at the start, as the narration has reached about half way through the text, the narration starts over again on top of the original. The voices on top of eachothers is just present during this part. When the video gets going, all sound is about 30 seconds delayed wich causes issues, especially when systems/switches are being described, since the video has moved on for half a minute. Just wanting to let you know. I'm currently on part 5 and everything so far appart from part 3 seems spot on. Keep up the good work Regards -Rune