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  1. Hello, can be used AS 16 + ASCA in a networked configuration where FSX/P3D runs on a different computer ?Pls. adv. Thanks Ralf
  2. Hello, my CPU can be overclocked without any special knowledge via the Asus Board up to 5 GHz. I came to the conlusion that the range between the 4.5GHZ, permanent used, up to 5Ghz doesn't make a sense in my configuration. The temperature is in average anywhere between 35°C and max 60°C in summer time with a room temperature of 27°C. This is more then comfortable for this 6-Core CPU. Concerning the full HD 50" LED, this should work. I use an 40" LED HD as middle screen. The distance between my eyepoint and the screen is appr. 1.40m, which is for HD perfect! Left and right screens are 22". Using widescreen mode under P3dv3 is perfect image. My GTX 980 runs with a lot of max settings (scenery) with no problems. Yako
  3. Hello, I bought almost all parts used via ebay. My configuration is following: - Corsair Obsidian 550D - Asus de luxe with i7-4960 oc with 4,5GHz - 32GB Quad channel RAM DDR-3, 2100 ( 32 is an investment in hopefully upcoming 64-bit simulation) - GTX 980 (before I tried with 2xGTX970) with three 22" and one 40" screens - 1 SSD Sata-3 (120 GB) for OS - 1 SSD Sata-3 (500 GB) for flight simulation (only P3D v3.1) - 1 HHD for Backup (usually off) - PSU Platin 860 Watts (stability, short circuit protections, possible extention: second GTX) - 4x Noctua 140 fans - 2x Noctua 120 fans - DVD Cooling the CPU with Kraken X60 with 2 Noctua 140 fans instead of the standard fans. Result: - Absolutely quite system, runs now more than one year without any problems even in the summer with high room temperature. - P3D settings with high till max values, expecially for seneries Yako
  4. I'm using over the last years a three monitor combination (left 22", middle 40" , right 22"), presently under P3Dv3.1 and with HD resolution, stretching the screen. My FPS are between 20 up to 60 and more (depends of used aircraft). The idea behind that is following: - Basis is the eyepoint mode (my eyepoint position in relation the the screens) - Zooming the main screen (middle) to a value, where I can read the device indications like in the aircraft - Additional information, which I need during from the left and right side is less important than from the center, it helps for better orientation Yako
  5. Hello, I can't help. But my experience with the combination FS Global 2010 / REX / ORBX / UTXv2 under P3Dv3.1 is so good, that I'm presently don't use any additional airports. Why: - no problems with any wrong lights of the runways - all bigger airports contain more or less the correct runways - my FPS are usually in a range between 20 and 40 FPS (depends on the aircraft used) even in surround mode Yako
  6. I used PMDG B737NG P3D . My experience is: + great system depth and good flight behaviour - flight behaviour in single engine operation (especially engine failure during take-off) is not in accordance with the real 737 - under P3D with scenery max: short "breaks" until 5s every two or three minutes and permanent "reload" Has anyone made the same experience? I tested iFly under FSX: single engine mode is not better Yako Win10-64, i7-4790 oc 4,5GHz, 32GB RAM, GTX 980, P3Dv3.1