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  1. Woodrow

    Prepar3D v4.4 Is Available Now ! 

    I'm trying install the content but Windows is not allowing this as it's saying the file is not digitally signed. Any way I can overcome this.
  2. Woodrow

    Has BAV closed?

    Excellent. Thanks Simon. I was chasing the forum through my bookmark instead of the holding page. Sorry my friend. I'll certainly install the beta acars straight away. Thanks Mark
  3. Woodrow

    Has BAV closed?

    Hey guys. Hope all is well. At the end of July BAV was updating their web site which should according to them take a couple of weeks at most. To date nothing is working and the forum isn’t either. Anybody have any news on the update. Thanks Mark.
  4. Hi everyone hope all is well. I’m about to get an Oculus Rift. I have P3D v4.2. When I loaded all my Orbx scenery into it a kind gentleman gave m a tips lists on how to get it all set up correctly. Would anyone be willing to post for me what I need and how to get it working correctly. I’ve spent hours reading this forum and realise when it works it’s great but also can look bad if not set up correctly. I’d really appreciate any helps you guys could share with me Emense thanks Mark
  5. Woodrow

    Captain uploaded very instructive videos...

    Does anybody know what the app is called. I can't find it.
  6. Woodrow

    PMDG 777 Product update question

    So just to be clear for people like me. (you can call that what you like) I have the T777 loaded from disc. I don't use FSX SE. When I go into the Operations Centre and it tells me that an update is available I don't need to update. I was going to ask because when I go into my Ecommerce account it only shows my PMDG 747 that I bought from download as the T777 I got as a present on disc. Sorry if I seem stupid but I really appreciate your time in answering. Safe Landings...... Mark
  7. Woodrow

    How do you open the doors

    A little further help would be lovely. I'm able to set keys to open the doors however even though I save them they only work while the aircraft is active. If I choose another aircraft and fly it, when I come back to the 747 the keys don't work and I have to reset them. Is this normal.
  8. Woodrow

    How do you open the doors

    Thanks Aaka. I appriciated the prompt response.
  9. Hi Everyone. Just bought the 747X after coming from Aerosoft a320X. A really dumb question and so sorry for asking but how do you open the doors. I've searched the manuals but can't seem to find it.
  10. Woodrow


    Based on having less than 15 in the ACTIVE fleet and retiring atleast 1 every 6-8 weeks I reckon it'll be sooner than we want. :(