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  1. Aircraft Crashes Approaching KBWI terminal

    I just went back in and disabled all FTX scenery entries and still have the crash on spawn. I wanted to make sure it's not FTX causing the trouble. Roger I went to FEMA for some emergency management training with a local police Sargent and the high school principle (I was the Deputy Chief TO at the local volunteer FD), years ago and after training we went down the Eastern Seaboard and spent a day in Baltimore. They were having a Tall Ship event that weekend and the U.S. Constitution was there. It was a great day for me. Good memories! The sound of the ships firing their cannons in the bay was fantastic as it echoed throughout the harbor and city.
  2. Aircraft Crashes Approaching KBWI terminal

    Hello, I'm having the same issues at KBWI. First encounter was taxiing to the terminal in A2A Constellation at end of flight. Just before turning off taxiway and turning for terminal the crash was detected. On next flight I tried many different gates in both stock Beach Baron 58 and in A2A Connie. I crash at each gate on spawn in. This is P3D v4 with FTX Global Base, FTX Global Vector, FTX Trees HD, ASP4, FSUIPC5 and LINDA. I'm not getting this in FSX-SE. Roger EDIT: Posted over at LM about this. http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6312&t=126717
  3. New LINDA 2.9.6 released! (17 May 17) v3

    Initial testing and you get a huge "Atta Boy" Scot. The OnRepeat runaway is fixed. The action stops immediately if the shift 'or' the function button is released. This is fantastic! Another huge improvement is the stability of the program. I can now leave LINDA running and restart FSX multiple times without restarting LINDA. This was not so before as it required restarting each time FSX was restarted. I no longer need to test buttons prior to flight. It just syncs and does its thing without hesitation. The OnRepeat speed is back to where it used to be. It is obvious that there is a timer/delay between repeat actions but I'm now getting 10+/- actions in a second where I was getting 1.5+/- actions per second before. All in all I believe your new build is top notch. The only thing I have found, and it needs more testing in more scenery areas, weather, etc, is performance. It seems like panning with TrackIR might possibly be a little more jittery now. Again, this will need more testing and at the moment, over Italy, seems very stable with clouds 5 of 8 at my level of flight. I run an Asus X99-A, i7 5930K @ 4500, 16GB DDR4 3000,EVGA GTX 980 Ti 4995, Samsung 950 Pro (OS) and Samsung 850 Evo 250GB x 2 RAID0 (programs-FSX). The system can push very high fps but I keep it around 36 for multiplayer purposes. My frames are still running 36 but an occasional jittery panning. I'll do more testing and get back to you. Thanks again Scot for the wonderful program and congratulations on 5 years! :im Not Worthy: Roger
  4. Fix to joystick button repeat?

    Oh my goodness Scot, Just got airborne from LIRS and checked this site. Looking for the next field to land and update LINDA. Anxious to see how the OnRepeat works as far as smoothness too. Were you able to find a fix for that? Guess I'll find out soon enough :smile: Thanks Scot and congratulations on 5 years of a wonderful program. Many thanks to the whole team. Roger
  5. Fix to joystick button repeat?

    Hello, I have had this runaway repeat issue on several versions of LINDA. I have traced it to an "ID ten T" error. It always happens, to me anyways, when I use a repeat function [trim] in the Local Shift mode, and then release the Local Shift before releasing the function button. I use a hat switch for trim up/down fast un-shifted and trim up/down normal shifted. The only way I've found to get it out of this runaway repeat is to press the buttons again but in reverse, i.e. press trim, then press shift, then release trim, and finally release shift like I should have done in the first place. When this doesn't work I do a lot of button pushes including Shift and if that doesn't work then it does require a restart of LINDA or a reload of LUA. I am not in the habit of selecting the Joystick page but sometimes it is active and sometimes it's not. I have not linked it to this on my system yet. Roger
  6. 2.7.0 On Repeat very slow

    LOL Scot, I know what you speak of. Real World really gets in the way of playing...(programming). In your time Sir. No worries.
  7. 2.7.0 On Repeat very slow

    Hello Scot, Just curious about this slow repeat issue. I'm sure you're busy so I'm just checking in. Have a great day. FlashO
  8. 2.7.0 On Repeat very slow

    I suppose it's not needed to mention this as it is a OnRepeat issue but it is not just the trim. My cabin vent control and radio volume controls in the A2A B17 are just as jumpy and slow. FlashO
  9. 2.7.0 On Repeat very slow

    Hello Scot, Thanks for the reply Sir. Tonight it is back to very very jumpy and slow. I have trim set on the index finger hat switch on my throttle hand on the X52 pro. I have up/dn fast un-shifted and up/dn regular shifted. I've tried reloading Lua engine, no joy. I've tried selecting Joystick page, no joy. I've tried multiple syncing, no joy. I have tried restarting LINDA, no joy. For now I have trim set in FSUIPC. I'm sure you will have it ready for the next release. This truly is a great program and I'm very appreciative for it. Hats off to you. FlashO
  10. 2.7.0 On Repeat very slow

    Thank you Gregg, I had made a habit of syncing twice and clicking the joystick page on versions prior to 2.6.8 but on 2.6.8 it was working without doing this. So maybe for the time being I need to go back to my normal startup steps. Thanks again for the reply. FlashO
  11. 2.7.0 On Repeat very slow

    Well, belay my last. I reinstalled 2.6.7 and 2.6.8 and then 2.7.0 again and for some reason it is better. The A2A P51 is still jumpy but it always has been. Last night the A2A B17 was terrible but after reinstalling it is smooth again. I followed instructions of removing linda & linda-cfg folders as well as ipcReady.lua, LINDA.exe and linda.lua and then placing the new files/folders into the modules folder. Thanks again FlashO
  12. 2.7.0 On Repeat very slow

    Hello developers, First let me say thanks again for the great program. Each revision gets better. I am having issues with 2.7.0 with On Repeat commands though. 2.6.8 would give very smooth and steady trim adjustments where 2.7.0 is jumpy with about 1/2 second pauses between wheel movements. This is happening on a friends PC as well but he's on Win 7 Pro 64. FSX & FSX-SE, Win 10 Pro 64, Saitek X52 Pro, FSUIPC4 v4.949. Looking forward to more flying with LINDA. FlashO