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    The Great Outdoors, Microsoft Flight Simulators 2004, and FSX. Janes F/A-18 (can't wait for SevenG). Ford Trucks, Canam ATV's, and hanging out in the garage.

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  1. HighAlpha

    Need advice on new graphics card for FSX

    Sorry, I certainly didn't mean to cause any problems. I've located that Links section you had mentions and will be sure to use that in the future.
  2. HighAlpha

    Need advice on new graphics card for FSX

    Hi tfreitas, I'd second what firehawk44 said. The 780 or 780ti would be a great card. I think you'll be able to find one well within your price range if you shop around. If I'm not mistaken, prices on the 780 fell when the 980 was released. I recall seeing some sales on Newegg a while back... At the moment I'm runnung a GTX 670 paired with a i7-4770K Processor. I run FSX in DirectX preview mode with Steve's DirectX Fixer. I'm getting pretty good performance in most locations. In some urban area's (Like ZLA) I have to dial back some graphics settings... For the moment I have different graphics settings saved as profiles using a mod enabler that I can select prior to loading my flight. I just ordered a GTX 980 a few days back now, so I'm hoping that might elimiate the need for my diferent graphic settings... I plan on making a video showcasing the cards performance after I get it. It'll be on my channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChctrDMpUdYWpm3liWofF4g Hoping to have the card in the next day or two with any luck. Might be a few days before I can get a video up. Cheers
  3. HighAlpha


    I too was looking to purchase this product but arrived to the party late.... I really hope he reconsiders. I really wasn't aware of the program until I read about it at A2A's forum. I clicked the link to FSS and it was already gone...
  4. HighAlpha

    How to use two RXP GNS 430

    Got it now. It's pretty cool! Much better than the original.
  5. HighAlpha

    How to use two RXP GNS 430

    I don't have the mods just yet for the aspen.
  6. HighAlpha

    How to use two RXP GNS 430

    Absolutely, I took a few steps prior to it resolving itself, so I'm not exactly certain what did the trick, but this is what I did. I noticed the issue after installing the twin rxp 430s as instructed above to the a36. Bear in mind, at the time, the a36 was saved as the default flight in a powered down state while being configured with the standard carenado 430s First, I double checked the rxpgns.ini file to ensure that the 430.1 was slaved to radio 1 and 430.2 to radio 2 as per a pm from Bert. I also added the LinkGPS=On line in that .ini file. I then backed everything up, the rxpgns.ini file, and the panel.cfg, and all rxp files the the panel folder. I then deleted all those mentioned files, and ran the carenado standard 430 install tool to get the aircraft back to its original state. I created a new flight with the a36 fully powered up, and then changed the aircraft to the default 172 and saved that as the default flight... I created a new free flight and tried out the default 430s and comms worked. I exited fs and the pasted in all the backed up files mentioned above. After all of that, I was able to fly, and save the a36 all shut down, and conversely load and do a cold start up with everything working properly. At the end of the day I think the issue was that the default 430 com set was saved as the default flight with the radios off... Hope that helps Cheers! I'll also comment on the functionality. As mentioned above the power and screen brightness clickspots are offset to the left by just a little bit. Most everything else is pretty much where it needs to be. For anyone on the edge of buying this aircraft based on way the rxp integration works, I'd say, if your a big fan of beechcraft bonanza' sand you have the rxp430w and the unlimited pack, buy it. If it's a deal breaker that you can't seamlessly integrate a 530w, then don't. Personally, for this bird, I really like the dual 430s (let's me get my monies worth out of the $200 rxp got out of me). I save the 530s for the Duke v2... With the "LinkGPS=On" line in place in the ini file, the rxp 430s work great with the aspen efd1000. It works very well with gps LPV and LNav+v approaches. I'm actually really pleased with this little plane. A quick edit of the DEEPGREEN slivery with my reg number, and changing the model to have the light tan leather seats instead of the grey.... And this bird looks beautiful. One of my favorite in fsx.
  7. HighAlpha

    How to use two RXP GNS 430

    Hello, I know this is an older thread; however, I recently acquired the Carenado A36 and installed the two RXP 430w (unlimited pack) as instructed above. I also installed the garmin audio panel and transponder panel that come with the RXP units... everything appears to working fine as mentioned above with the 430's. My only issue is that I don't believe the com radios are working. With the aircraft powered up and all avionics, I don't hear the local traffic, and when I make Com transmission selections, the FSX pilot voice doesn't sound (I do have use pilot voice enabled in fsx settings). Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  8. HighAlpha

    Duke v2/RXP GNS/Autopilot settings

    Thanks Ryan, I haven't tested it thoroughly but hta looks to be the case so far. Cheers
  9. Hello, Just a question or a shout out to anyone flying the Duke v2 with integrated reality xp garmin gns's... I was curious how other might have their gns's options setup in the RXP configX program... I'm running twin 530's with RXP's unlimited pack. I currently have the 530.1 set to control COM1/NAV1 and slaved to the VOR1 gauge (HSI), and to interact with the autopilot via the NAN hold button. my 530.2 is set to control COM2/NAV2 and slaved to the VOR2guage, and I selected "no link" to the Autopilot... Would the Duke's autopilot ever hold a radial from the VOR2 gauge? Cheers