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  1. Allan Burek

    Prepar3D V3.3.3 Released

    Is that for Global Base and Vector?
  2. Be with them 10 years come the fall. This place had it all, and a great community as well. Can't go wrong with here.
  3. Allan Burek


    Yeah...all I needed was 2 hours! My luck, especially this week.
  4. Allan Burek


    I had it in my cart but forgot my credit card at home. Got home and it was gone. I literally missed it by 2 hours.
  5. Hi! Looking for SteveFX DX10 fixer. All links point to FSS but the page says product not found?
  6. Allan Burek

    Outer Marker Sound

    The 777 audio control panel knobs are always lit. The green LED above them indicates if they are selected..
  7. Allan Burek

    Steering pin effects

  8. Allan Burek

    Outer Marker Sound

    It works for me just fine. Are you seeing the visual indication on the PFD? It could be an FS keyboard command that could be disabling it as well.
  9. Allan Burek

    FPS. What FPS do you get?

    I was getting about 40+ in cruise. Specs below sig. GTX580 card.
  10. Allan Burek

    Some maintenance related features Look for the careers link, and then search for aircraft maintenance.
  11. Allan Burek

    Some maintenance related features

    Jerry Where at? I ask because I do the same, at FedEx.
  12. Allan Burek

    Typical 777 Flaps selections

    Aircraft performance software. What pilots use to determine optimal takeoff and landing settings based on weight, weather, etc.
  13. Allan Burek

    Typical 777 Flaps selections

    Ive just run several scenarios through a 777 APS, almost every time was flaps 5 for takeoff. This was for a 772LR
  14. OK Ryan, will do. Hopefully you'll have something together by this week. This is when I plan to have everything ready to tweak.
  15. Hi All,Im not going to lie here, but all this information is a little confusing. I want to insert these changes and tweaks, but Im not sure where to start. Im an currently rebuilding my system from a full format and going back to Win7 x64 because of this post. Im just curious if someone can summarize what needs to be done here? Maybe a seperate sticky or something posted here because I think that would make things easier to help apply all these changes. Thanks!