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  1. Is that for Global Base and Vector?
  2. www.fedex.com Look for the careers link, and then search for aircraft maintenance.
  3. Jerry Where at? I ask because I do the same, at FedEx.
  4. Nevermind, 9th time is a charm! Cheers!
  5. Hi There,As an FS9 user who was waiting for this product before going to FSX, I attepmted to buy the -400X at the discounted price, however the discount does not apply. The checkout displays my name and address correctly, but still the EU 59.99 price. Any suggestions? Thanks for the help!Allan Bureknyi103@aol.com
  6. Can anyone PM this to me should they still have it? Thanks!!
  7. Can you send to nyi103@aol.com? Thanks in advance.
  8. Hello All:After installing new HDDs, I am reloading all my FS stuff, and when attempting to download AS6 from the HiFiSim site, after a few minutes the d/l times out and just stops downloading data. Just wondering if there was a workaround?
  9. Jim,Sorry it took so long to get back to you. I was able to download it after what seemed like the 50th try. Thanks anyhow!!!
  10. Allan Burek

    fuel flow

    This is a known issue and a limitation due to FS.
  11. I have a functioning taxi light as well as landing lights on the 320. I do however use the iFDG/PSS merge, so thats likely why.
  12. Sean,As far as I know, there is no RA function of TCAS modelled into the PSS Airbus Pro series. Dont forget that this aircraft was originally made for FS2002, so there isnt a lot of higher technology coding built into the product. Nevertheless, I still love it.
  13. In the FS Menu...OPTIONSSETTINGSINTERNATIONALSelect METRIC in FEET.That should do it.
  14. The real life Airbus aircraft hold attitude inputs. Simply put, if you pull back on the sidestick and are climbing at 10 degrees nose up, when you let go of the sidestick the aircraft will maintain that 10 degrees nose up attitude. In order to level yourself off, you would have to push down on the side stick back to zero degrees. This is accomplished by trimming of the THS, not the elevators. In the sim, this is modelled, but not well. I would think that its an FS limitation.
  15. The sound set mentioned is a great add-on. It simulates equipment cooling on the ground, and the V2500 sounds are right on. Even plays the sounds of the galley carts and snack bins shaking when you land.
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