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  1. Is that for Global Base and Vector?
  2. Be with them 10 years come the fall. This place had it all, and a great community as well. Can't go wrong with here.
  3. Yeah...all I needed was 2 hours! My luck, especially this week.
  4. I had it in my cart but forgot my credit card at home. Got home and it was gone. I literally missed it by 2 hours.
  5. Hi! Looking for SteveFX DX10 fixer. All links point to FSS but the page says product not found?
  6. The 777 audio control panel knobs are always lit. The green LED above them indicates if they are selected..
  7. It works for me just fine. Are you seeing the visual indication on the PFD? It could be an FS keyboard command that could be disabling it as well.
  8. I think I have seen this with non RNAV departures with the 747 and MD11 as well. The LYD4S calls for intercepting the LYD 206 inbound after D0.8 ISED. Its just going to connect the dots with the most direct routing until after takeoff, where it will use turn predictions, etc, to re-draw the magenta line. Also, it appears that it was still showing FL390 because you had step climbs enabled (LSK4L). The FMS was planning a step climb to FL390 in 132nm. If you had "0" in the field at LSK4L it would have remained at FL370. And FWIW, FDX uses the single ISFD display, not the three, if you were looking for realism.
  9. Click and hold the menu key on any CDU. You can go to PMDG, options and then ground connections.
  10. I have no issues at all with FSInn.
  11. Yeah. You have to manually delete stuff to get a clean install. Glad you got it sorted. BTW, please sign your posts.
  12. LSK3L to drop the next waypoint into the scratchpad. then LSK1L to put it as your first waypoint. EXEC.
  13. At 4GB or less, its a very real possibility with that scenario.
  14. what happens when you load the 777 from the default flight with a default aircraft first? Make sure it asks you to allow permission to the 777 module, and select OK to run it every time.