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  1. Thanks both for the ideas and for responding. I have been running FSX as admin and so far so good (Fingers crossed)
  2. Hello Guys! I recently wiped out my PC and did a fresh Windows 10 install. So far it has been great with FSX and all add ons I use BUT: It is now when I actually fly my 777 for more than 15 minutes for testing, so about 4 hours in to my first flight, while on cruse I noticed that the textures for the engine when I went in to the wing view were just not there, the engine was but the paint was not I was only able to see the pylon not painted, then it turned black, then my FPS went really low (2-3 FPS average) then on the cockpit all my knobs dissapeared and parts of the panel went black. Now please note this all happened gradually. Las time I had something similar I was missing the HighMem fix on my CFG file but I check and it was there I did not run FSX as an admin (as I never do) so I rebooted my PC and ran FSX as admin and I am currently testing, just took off and put the AP on cruise to see if I can replicate this, but wanted to reach out and see if someone had experienced this before and maybe help? Thanks in advance! Danny. System: AMD 9590 16gb RAM Windows 10 GTX750i FSX Add Ons: FS2crew PMDG777 EZdok Trackir Cielos ATC ASN Rex 4.0
  3. You know I have been wondering the same. I have also tried the FS Recorder but is not really what I was expecting, I see these videos on you tube and I wonder how they do it. Lets hope someone chimes in.
  4. Danny2013

    Redux lights

    +1 On the real T7 the lights are attached to the fix part of the nose wheel, e 737 actually has the lights attached to the turning gear so they point where the wheel point
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