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  1. ashmanmedia

    Introducing World2XPlane...

    First off, Thank you Tony for this past development of this product. Having purchased X-Plane 11 and attempting to better the scenery in the USA. I just learned how to update the OSM data using smart-exclusion to fill in the areas that have no osm data. Does anyone know how to modify the config-hd file to use the same default houses that XP-11's auto-gen uses. (really only the houses need to match... I found some earlier posts talking about trees / forests) Or if there is a way to just not populate the residential home data within the PBF I'd prefer to leave xp11 to auto gen that. Above the plane is showing OSM generated homes. Below the plane shows the XP autogen homes I like. any feedback is appreciated. bill
  2. ashmanmedia

    Answer to P3D bad scenery.

    I have always loved FSX X-Plane not for the real flying but to push the quality of the scenery... Recently I have seen Apple Maps utilize a 3D Photo Mapping and then Google allows 3D Earth like mapping all from a photo from a satellite? How can Lockheed Martin change the scenery from its older Auto Gen and begin to utilize GOOGLE MAPS 3D engine with accurate roads like x-plane has done with its OpenStreet db? X-Plane is king here with its engine. But is google maps 3d FREE and can it render it fast enuf for flight? just some thoughts...