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  1. Hi Maarten, I have used simbrief but prefer PFPX as there is more features. The auto-find routes aren't the worse but I would like to strive for as more realism as I can. I'll guess I keep the current setup I have, unless there is another website where i can find RW European routing. Thanks Joe
  2. Hi Just a quick question. The auto-route can be questionable at times. I use flightaware for RW routing in the US, what can I use outside of the US for routings? Thanks
  3. Wasn't the original 41 near study sim level? (I didn't have enough time with it before moving to P3D)
  4. I know that a few people won't sway PMDG, I'm only pushing for it because I have a close connection to the the largest operator of the 41. So I'm being biased.
  5. I did the return flight yesterday and I wish I turned it off as it got annoying having to turn it off all the time.
  6. Yes you would have to rebuy the NGX, even to test, I could be wrong but I'm sure that PMDG doesn't have trial periods. Active sky I'm not sure about as I got it after I got P3D, navigraph wouldn't have to be re-purchased. VATSIM and V-Pilot are free. Dynamic lighting I have turned off untill its fixed. I would also say I had a massive increase in performance in P3D compared to FSX. Although I get the same FPS, in P3D the settings are maxed out. In FSX they were quite minimal.l
  7. I was in the same boat as you back when P3D V2 was released, I had to rebuy the 737 and T7 and being a younger teenager at the time, £250 (ish) was a fair amount, (upgrading to V3 & V4 was a easier decision) . FSX and the steam version have a fair amount of bugs, any bugs in P3D are because they were there in FSX. The main bug I can think of is where memory would not be dumped so OOMs are easy to get if running a lot of high end addons. As Zuendholz said eye-candy, is actually a smaller part of what LM has done to P3D. Also the major thing with P3D V4 is that it is 64bit appose to FSXs 32bit. EDIT: Zuendholz I didn't see your response as we where probably typing at the same time
  8. Personally I don't think anyone was being sarcastic or putting anyone down, just being realistic, and no-one said that it wasn't ok asking for an aircraft to be considered. As Kevin said PMDG know what they are doing years in advance. I said in another forum that it would be great if every aircraft past and present are developed at PMDG standard, however that will never happen, so companies like PMDG have to choose an aircraft that would be successful in term of sales, as even though flight simulation is mainly a hobby, they are like any other company and want to make a profit.
  9. Indeed. Although I believe that their is no harm in asking, I doubt we would sway PMDG roadmap as they are more knowledgeable than us and know what would sell
  10. although a business jet would be nice. I don't think a business jet would be a commercial success. P.S Full names in the forum
  11. Yes both acft are in RW service along with the MAX but are newer that other acft so data may not be available.
  12. I did say that I could be wrong. If you look at their portfolio they have created only Boeing bar the JS41/BD1900 - The DC6/MD11 could be classed as Boeing. The problem with the A350 and CS are that they are new and data may not be available to them. I think that would stay loyal to Boeing *again I could be wrong*. Also I don't think that Boeing would be to happy with PMDG getting to close to their competitors
  13. PMDG have a great relationship with Boeing so I could be wrong but I doubt they would do a non boeing acft
  14. They have a 41 for FSX so I think it would be easier for PMDG to get it to P3DV4. I would love the 41 to do some Eastern Airways flights.
  15. Technically its the week of 26JUN till Sunday so it not outside the time frame yet. It also says EXPECTATION not it will definitely be released.
  16. I think he might be getting at the fact that now that now the hotfix is out the 777-300ER can be converted
  17. It does appear in the addon menu. I know there was a problem in V3 where you had to reinstall the content package, but it isn't this because the 747 is fine (I can't test on other aircraft as they haven't been updated yet)
  18. No, I don't have AS open at this point.
  19. Hi Al, Does anyone have an issue where the GSX menu does not show when using the T7. The 747 is fine. Thanks Joe
  20. I reinstalled everything as every once in a while I reinstall P3D. I thought I would do that now as I had a problem. I did try reinstalling the 737 and 747 but that didn't work. I have done what you said and the OC is working again Thanks
  21. I have reinstalled P3D and have tried loading the OC and have this error, 04/01/17 21:12:25 Exception: Access Violation at 0x0 00220000 C:\Program Files (x86)\PMDG Operations Center\PMDG Operations Center.exe +0001220D (249D68, 2471AC, 233D8C) 00220000 C:\Program Files (x86)\PMDG Operations Center\PMDG Operations Center.exe +00015158 (1, 2346F0, 1) 75D20000 C:\Windows\syswow64\USER32.dll +000162FA (3029C, 110, 30292) 75D20000 C:\Windows\syswow64\USER32.dll +0003F9BF (2346F0, 3029C, 110) 75D20000 C:\Windows\syswow64\USER32.dll +0003F765 (0, 2346F0, 3029C) 75D20000 C:\Windows\syswow64\USER32.dll +0002E744 (B35B30, 0, 110) 75D20000 C:\Windows\syswow64\USER32.dll +000162FA (3029C, 110, 30292) I have never seen it before.
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