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  1. Keith Very good work!! I'm not a 100% sure, but I think I'm the friend from the CIX Forum It must have taken you a couple of test runs to figure this one out! Ken: did you try the code? or should we get together on TS/teamviewer?
  2. Tomas Linnet

    problem with LINDA 3.0.1

    all my tests are done with the A2A Mustang Civ. programming on 3.0.2 is done with a complete stock A2A P51 Mustang ver 2.0 module. With 2.6.7 I use a heavily modified version of the same module. thanks for looking into this. I did try to use LINDA for the panels(Radio and Multi) before installing SPAD, but I had around 1 second of delay when pressing the buttons on the panels, that test was done with LINDA 3.0.1. New test done with 3.0.2, result is better than on the video, but the delay is more noticeable than with 2.6.7 and SPAD.
  3. Tomas Linnet

    problem with LINDA 3.0.1

    hi Here's the videos, med with my iphone, I hope you can open them. 1st 2.6.7 more or less all of the controls programmed with LINDA. 2-6-7.MOV?dl=0 Next up is 3.0.2, new install, only the magneto switch is programmed with LINDA. 3.0.2.MOV?dl=0 Common: saitek controls: Yoke with throttle throttle Switch Panel Multi Panel Radio panel 32 button Leo Bodnar Board for this comparison all displays are handled by SPAD
  4. Tomas Linnet

    problem with LINDA 3.0.1

    not easy to tell. I'll see if I can get a little video of it
  5. Tomas Linnet

    problem with LINDA 3.0.1

    Hi Andrew Finally back looking into this.(being a house owner takes to much of my own time;-) ) I did a new clean install of 3.0.2, downloaded new modules and copied Guenters module and every thing works. only thing is I have a longer delay with 3.0.2 than I have with 2.6.7. FPS is at a steady 29.x(limited to 30) using both versions. Did I miss anything, is LINDA getting smarter, but slower?
  6. Tomas Linnet

    problem with LINDA 3.0.1

    Hi Andrew in my C:\Spil\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes I have a C172 and a A2A_C172, so the folder names are not the same. In my C:\Spil\steamapps\common\FSX\Modules\linda-cfg\aircrafts\C172 I do have a config-hid.lua file? I also have the same problem with the A2A C182, and there is only on C182 on my system.
  7. Tomas Linnet

    problem with LINDA 3.0.1

    Hi Andrew. Yes, FSX sync is checked and the aircraft name is orange. FSUIPC and LINDA is installed in the Modules folder in the Steam directory. After testing with LINDA 2.5.7 which is working, I reinstalled LINDA 3.0.1, still no response in my A2A aircraft. I use Guenseli's modules, with a few modifications.: 1: LINDA 3.0.1 2: A2A Cessna 172R ver 1.0.2 with minor mods. 3: FSX SE 4: A2A Cessna 172R, C182 P-51D Civilian, with Accu-Sim aupdate 4-13-2017 succesfully installed. 5 - 6: LINDA is responding to my controllers and I can program them. pressing a button on the controller will not change anything on the aircraft. All axis are configured via a registered FSUIPC ver 4.971, common buttons e.g. hat switch is setup in FSUIPC. Today I noticed an error displayed by LINDA saying something about a missing HID. Both the the "linda" and the linda-cfg folder is the same as I use with LINDA 2.5.7. FSUIPC4.log and linda2.log is sent.
  8. Tomas Linnet

    problem with LINDA 3.0.1

    Hi Andrew Thanks for the quick reply, I'll look into this and report back later:-)
  9. Tomas Linnet

    problem with LINDA 3.0.1

    Hi There I'm may be missing the obvious here, but I'm not able to get LINDA 3.0.1 working. I recently installed a SSD and took the opportunity to switch to FSX SE. I did a full back up of my FSX Modules folder. after downloading the newest FSUIPC ver 4.971 and LINDA 3.0.1 I have not been able to control anything. I then deleted all LINDA files from my modules folder and took the ones from my old folder. The LINDA version I was running was 2.5.7(old I know) but before I formatted it worked and it is still working, every assignment is there and OK. With 3.0.1 I con not get anything to work. I've tried to take my actions.lua file only and then tried to map my controllers. LINDA can see my controllers and I can map them, but my aircraft will not respond to them. Any suggestions are more than welcome Cheers Tomas
  10. Tomas Linnet

    FSUIPC Analog Axis to Send Signal to Linda

    Hi rozel Have a look at the A2A forum. this question just came up there the other day. Maybe this will help you: Cheers Tomas
  11. Tomas Linnet

    Mapping a callout button.

    Still no luck Ken??? Did you try on the Carenado site? Regards Tomas
  12. Tomas Linnet

    How to find function names

    Hi Stinger Did you manage to get the to config button up and running? I'm helping a friend to get started with LINDA, but I can't find the correct variable for it. Kind regards Tomas