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  1. Sensational stuff guys. Well done - looking forward to this. With this new addition I have a potential lifetime backlog of aircraft to learn.. still mastering your amazing 737. It's great you guys acknowledge the importance of accurate sound.
  2. uberwolfe

    Unwanted OM/MM Audio

    Hey guys thanks for the replies. I have neither the NAV audio on, nor have I loaded a default aircraft. It's definitely the marker tones and it coincides with the marker annunciators on the PFD. Very strange. Another thing I have noticed is that my aircraft loads with the fwd entry open, yet this is not picked up by GSX when I try to initiate boarding. I have to close the entry and re-open for GSX to detect. Something weird going on methinks. Cheers, Lukas
  3. uberwolfe

    Unwanted OM/MM Audio

    Hey everyone, I seem to be getting the outer marker/middle marker audio in the few times I've flown my 800 since the last big updates. The MKR button on the pedestal is off, I can't understand why this would be occurring. Any ideas? Thanks as always, Lukas
  4. uberwolfe

    WX Radar guide

    Hi Guys, There is an almost identical thread to this already. As far as I'm aware there is no NGX-specific guide at this point, however there are a few helpful documents floating around with applicable information. Such as: http://www.airbus.com/fileadmin/media_gallery/files/safety_library_items/AirbusSafetyLib_-FLT_OPS-ADV_WX-SEQ07.pdf http://code7700.com/radar_tilt.html And of course Kyle's extremely helpful tutorial: youtube.com/watch?v=B3_o3jVUK6A Other thread located here: http://forum.avsim.net/topic/463880-wx-radar-guide/ Thanks to the original posters.
  5. uberwolfe

    Fuel warning light

    Hi, Since installing the latest update I can't seem to get rid of the fuel warning light. I have tried three flights now, all with the same result. I am following the exact same procedure I have for hundreds of previous flights and this never used to occurr. I am wondering if there is something changed in the SP1d update that may be causing this? I also had to reinstall my livery which comes with its unique aircraft specifications so maybe this didn't install incorrectly? There are no other warning lights besides this one. I have completed the flights with the issue and it doesn't seem to be critical, I just want to know if this is due to a bug or my procedures (i'm guessing the latter Any help appreciated, Thanks, Lukas
  6. uberwolfe

    Can't load flight

    Wow.... I can't believe I never knew that you could shift+click those taskbar icons.. it works perfectly! Thanks for the prompt assistance Maarten and keep up the great work
  7. uberwolfe

    Can't load flight

    Hi, Firstly let me say thank you Maarten for creating this amazing software. The original FSX GUI and launcher has been the bane of flight sim experience for last couple of years or so. Unfortunately though, I don't appear to be able to use it. I can load and fly the basic flight (Over Puget Sound) no worries, but as soon as I try to customize a flight FSX just won't start properly. Once I configure the custom flight and click the green "Fly" arrow the MFSX splash screen appears, and then the loading bar starts loading as it should. I should mention that it seems to load incredibly slow - maybe 3 or 4 times slower than when I load a flight from the standard FSX loader. Once it reaches 100%, FSX just won't come into focus. The icon is there on my taskbar and the process is running in task manager, but I simply can't get to the sim. I have to manually kill the process. While it is loading, the black screen that usually appears behind the loading progress box isn't there either. I thought this may have something to do with the PMDG 737 NG aircraft I fly mostly, but I have the same result with Aerosoft A320 and even the basic Microsoft B747-400 included with FSX. Any suggestions? Many thanks, Lukas
  8. uberwolfe

    Overshooting runway during autoland

    Ok, so I worked out the problem. As you guys were alluding to, it was an issue with my procedures :blush: What I was doing wrong was trying to activate the second autopilot before G/S and LOC were captured, so I was alternating between CMD A & B and wondering why I couldn't activate both. I read in the FCOM that when this happens APP is deactivated, and has to be reactivated - which I never did... so that explains why I wasn't correctly following the G/S. I've since done two perfect autolands. Huge thanks to Kyle and Trent for their assistance!!! Now as soon as my yoke arrives I can practice some serious manual landings and will undoubtedly hassle you guys with a new set of noob problems, haha!
  9. uberwolfe

    Overshooting runway during autoland

    Thanks hopskip - apologies again for using incorrect terminology. You will have to go easy on me, I'm pretty new to this stuff and don't come from an aviation background! From your description high on approach is exactly what is happening. My process is exactly as you describe, though my speed at SINNK may have been a little over 200kts from memory. The odd thing is that the ILS indications on the PFD are still lined up perfectly, this shouldn't be the case if I'm high on approach correct? I'll give the landing another go tonight and see what comes of it, I really appreciate the info!
  10. uberwolfe

    Overshooting runway during autoland

    Thanks for clarifying correct use of terminology - as you can tell I'm not an expert on the aviation side of things! The airports I am referring to do indeed have ILS. I have the real charts with all information I need. For the particular runways I generally set autobrakes to 2 and hardware throttles are back in idle position. Here are the charts to the aerodrome and approach that last failed for me. YBBN (rwy 19): http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/dap/BBNAD01-137.pdf ILS-Y rwy 19: http://www.airservicesaustralia.com/aip/current/dap/BBNII02-139.pdf I did do the tutorials a while back and was able to autoland without a problem. Maybe I should try it again... could be a configuration issue?
  11. Hey all, I'm having a rather frustrating issue trying to land the 737 with ILS at various aerodromes. The issue seems to occur randomly. Sometimes it will work flawlessly - and then other times it will fail even under exactly the same conditions. Thankfully, the failure is the same each time... the autopilot completely overshoots the runway. The little bug on the HGS will start by pointing to the correct point on the runway during approach, and then as I get closer it will point to the far end of the runway and sometimes even beyond. Then I end up sailing high over the runway (up to 500ft agl). I have everything configured correctly, as like I mentioned sometimes it will work perfectly... My speeds are correct, everything is armed as it should, the little diamonds indicating the glidescope and lateral position are lined up perfectly - there are no disconnects or warnings... the plane thinks it's doing everything correct... and it will still overshoot. Could the altimeter be reporting incorrect values? Is it likely that the aerodromes are configured incorrectly? I use various OrbX scenery and airports but the issue occurs exactly the same whether it's a default FSX airport or an OrbX... When the problem occurs the plane seems to be coming in high - so I disengage APs and end up putting it down manually. My confusion/misunderstanding as to what's going on really puts a downer on what are otherwise perfect flights! I searched around for similar threads on this forum, and while there are some with similar issues none seem to provide a solution for me. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated, thanks! Note: I use Active Sky Next.
  12. uberwolfe

    What turns on when you activate Ground Power

    Yes you did answer this already, thanks. There were server issues when I made the original post and this was duplicated about 11 times..!
  13. Thanks for the answer. It makes a lot of sense - thankfully we don't have to flick switches to energise all those buses manually! Would have been interesting with all these systems if the circuit breakers and subsequent failures were simulated...
  14. uberwolfe

    Sorry for unintentional multiple posts! :(

    Let's hope I don't work on breaking that record! Have updated profile to suit forum rules
  15. Hi all, I am just wondering what systems activate when you first enable ground power from a cold 'n dark cockpit in PMDG's 737NGX? There seems to be a lot of noise in the cockpit with the engines, APU, packs/fans, pumps etc all turned off... Just curious is all. Is it really like this in the real 737? Would love to know. Thanks