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  1. Sensational stuff guys. Well done - looking forward to this. With this new addition I have a potential lifetime backlog of aircraft to learn.. still mastering your amazing 737. It's great you guys acknowledge the importance of accurate sound.
  2. Unwanted OM/MM Audio

    Hey guys thanks for the replies. I have neither the NAV audio on, nor have I loaded a default aircraft. It's definitely the marker tones and it coincides with the marker annunciators on the PFD. Very strange. Another thing I have noticed is that my aircraft loads with the fwd entry open, yet this is not picked up by GSX when I try to initiate boarding. I have to close the entry and re-open for GSX to detect. Something weird going on methinks. Cheers, Lukas
  3. Unwanted OM/MM Audio

    Hey everyone, I seem to be getting the outer marker/middle marker audio in the few times I've flown my 800 since the last big updates. The MKR button on the pedestal is off, I can't understand why this would be occurring. Any ideas? Thanks as always, Lukas