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  1. Thanks for this. It has helped a little.
  2. Has Asobo acknowledged the tree debacle in MSFS? If so, have they advised this will be looked at? Why would they have gone overboard with this?
  3. If you do a fresh re-install do you have to re-download the world updates 1 through to 10? Or are they all included in the re-download of the MFSF program?
  4. I had this happen and New York looks horrible. Trees surrounding boats, Cars driving through and on top of the water, The actual water having lines through it. I did a complete re-install and it hasn't helped.
  5. Thanks Sonny. Trying it now. Have you had any problems when flying around Manhattan with cars driving on water and in the air?
  6. I think I may have stuffed up the update. I was about 30% the download and I stopped it to remove everything out of my community folder. I then went in and re-downloaded and updated. I then moved everything back into the folder. I tried a fly around Manhattan I some of the ocean has lines through it, cars a flying in the air. I then flew around Sydney ( I do have the Orbx scenery for this area) and while it was a little better I could still see cars passing under the harbour tunnel. Is there something I can reset or do?
  7. Hi guys I opened a flight YSSY - YBCG and whilst taxiing to the runway all of the moving jets around me had flickering lights. Wherever there is a light on the plane They have a flickering square covering it. It also happens on my contrails whilst in the air. Can anyone shed any light on why and how to fix it?
  8. Hi there I have the older Saitek Cessna Yoke/Pedals. These are the set they no longer produce. I have been using Spad Next whilst trying to set up both. I can get the Ailerons and elevators to work perfect. I can get the toe brakes to work perfectly also on my pedals. I am trying to get the rudder going and I have done all I can but when moving to the right or left, the pedals shudder as if they are fighting against something. I have calibrated them to no avail. If there are any Spad Next experts on here that could assist that would be great. I want to also set up my view with my hat switch on my Yoke really need help with this also as I cannot get this working. If there is anyone on here that could assist or point out any tuitions online that would be great. Thanks
  9. Hi guys, My current CPU is an I9 9900k wiht a 1080Ti graphics card. I also run an Acer Predator X27 4k monitor. My question is am I wasting my money upgrading to the newer GPU's when they get released later this year? I always thought the P3d was GPU driven but now I am hearing its more CPU driven? Thoughts??
  10. Hi everyone I currently run P3dV4 on and I7 5960x Cpu with emough memory along with a GTX 1080Ti Graphics card. I am thinking of upgrading my CPU to an I7 8700k or can anyone suggest a CPU that may be a better fit for P3dV4. I have the $$$ but looking at value for what I get also. Thanks for reading
  11. HI guys Today I bought my first PMDG plane. A 737-800. I think I have bitten off more than I can chew. Where does a newbie start as it all seem so overwhelming. This world is very different to FSX 737's. Are there tutorials? I have a couple of questions. How do you request take off or advise of landing? When you go to the appropriate frequencies how do you notify? Again Im sorry but I am very new to PMDG but have been an avid FSX flyer for years. Thanks
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