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  1. I cant get to content manager as its hanging before then. Now have 190.63MB/ 190.63MB (100%) Stuck on the hughes h4 hercules 1.2.5 fspatch How utterly annoying. It was all running great two hours ago!!!
  2. My update has stuck at Decompressing microsoft-aircraft-hughes-h4-hercules-1.2.5.fspatch 208.63MB/208.63MB Been like this for an hour now. Oh dear😟
  3. Thanks everyone, hope it gets resolved. Its not a game breaker, just upsetting that once again things get broken with updates. I am relieved that its not just my system at least. Thanks again Ian
  4. Anyone seeing cars crossing runway since update 10? All airports I have operated from with roads underneath the runway now have cars on top of the runway instead of underneath on the roads. LPMA Madeira and EGCC Manchester. Anyone seeing the same with other airports? Only since update 10
  5. Konterhalbe, Many thanks. I have 40.9Gb of Aig liveries installed, but I think they are all airliners. I didn't know a GA package existed, where is it? Thankyou Ian
  6. All my flights are on Vatsim, I have aig liveries installed, plus ivao xcl folder/files. I rarely get "red" warnings that vPilot cannot find an aircraft. I recently flew to an airport where a Honda jet was taxiing. The pilot had correctly assigned the aircraft ICAO as HDJT. I understand that I dont have a Honda jet model/livery installed, but vPilot/model matching inserted a generic Asobo twin jet airliner (787 type size) in place of the Honda jet. Is there a way of "forcing" vPilot to choose a more appropriate aircraft type if this situation happens again? How could I amend the VMR file to force it to display a "Citation" as an example if it sees HDJT again? Thanks in advance Ian
  7. Folks, This is the best video, I have used it to amend my own TCA setup to adapt to 2 or 4 engine aircraft other than Airbus. I copy my existing A32nx and name it something else, then adapt it as per video, then save. By copying (duplicating) you get all of the existing setup that works for Airbus (gear, flaps, engine switches etc) but you just adapt the idle zone to suit. I dont have the PMDG yet, but this works for other twin engined aircraft, including another 737 that I have.
  8. Hats off to all at DC designs for their work, and to all concerned with sorting out the issues after yet another Asobo update that broke things. It must be incredibly frustrating to say the least!!
  9. Yes, really enjoying it, and its all on Vatsim. A few "workarounds" need to be watched each time, it reminds me of the early days of the A320, both the Asobo and early FBW. As others have noted, the route has to be loaded via the MS inhouse flight planning system using a saved file, works well, it's then possible to route via Lat/Longs which is great. However, if you "mess" with the route once installed, it usually screws it all up. I dont program the approach until nearly there, as inputting the approach into the FMC earlier often results in setting off somewhere else. Its not then easy to clear issues. This was exactly what the early A320 FMC/MCDU did. But, its all part of the challenge!!! Yes, the siren/klaxon was an overspeed. This Forum is great!!!
  10. Ray, I will give it a try. I may attempt to trigger with an deliberate overspeed. Thanks, Ian
  11. Ray, Thanks for that, I will give it a try later. I do select max cruise which I thought was used to prevent overheat? The siren either stops, or it continues for the rest of the flight, even when I am subsonic and at low levels. It isn't triggered every time, that's what is frustrating. I will try slowing down if it happens again, and check the outside temps for the ISA deviations. many thanks Ian (reporting from sunny Preston!)
  12. Any Concorde experts able to help? I have around 35-40 hrs now on Concorde, mostly doing across the pond and back routes on Vatsim. These flights are mostly without issues, apart from now and again. I am getting a loud warning klaxon/siren at times, cant find an issue in the cockpit No panel warning lights, cruising Mach 2.00 (ish), usual Flight levels, FL58-60, engines good, fuel good, CofG good around 59%. I see no issues whatsoever. The klaxon/siren sometimes starts, sometimes stops, sometimes carries on throughout the flight once it has started, usually around the 2hr mark is when it starts. I have to silence it by going into the MSFS sound menu and reducing “warnings” to zero. Is this a pressurization issue, CofG out of tolerance warning being triggered incorrectly etc? Or am I a buffoon and have missed something critical? I am not doing anything different from flight to flight, so can’t understand why its intermittent. Any advice appreciated I have recorded the noise as a sound file, but cant figure out how to attach here
  13. I tried this again and again, finally figured out why it was not working. I inputted zero and when I pressed "enter" the figure returned to 100kg each time, over and over again. Figured it out, probably my fault. I got it working by entering 000. That worked. Many thanks for all of your suggestions Ian
  14. Thanks, Am confused, what's the sim toolbar menu as apposed to the weight pre-flight menu??? I tried changing the pre-flight weights of the pilots to zero in the drop down menu, wont allow. What other menu is there? I can change the avatar clothing, but not disable. All other aircraft work fine with my pre-set cockpit views. The avatars only show up in other aircraft when viewing the cockpit from outside I have around 1500hrs on MSFS 2020, I am really loving Concorde. If I could solve this it would be great. Thanks Ian
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