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  1. Stephen, That's great thanks, I will look into this Ian
  2. Thanks to all of you for responding, I will investigate Ian
  3. Could someone point me in the right direction please. I have a Navigraph subscription, but I cant quite figure out how to check that the MSFS nav data is current and using the correct and latest AIRAC cycle. Where is the MSFS Nav data located, and can it be updated manually. I really dont think Navigraph is updating it. I have simlink, but it only currently seems to find my Xplane folders. There is a discrepancy sometimes. I fly on Vatsim and am currently inbound LEMG. My Navigraph info and charts indicates ILS procedures for Runways 12/13/31, but within the sim (A32nx) I only have approaches for ILS 12. (Z or Y) The other approaches are missing from MSFS. Any help appreciated Ian
  4. Have you gone to windows settings/sound? You sometimes have to tell windows the input/output to use. I fly on Vatsim and had to do this too. Bluetooth headset often caused an issue as it forgot previous settings, I had to keep resetting each time. I now use a USB headset as its plug and play. Settings/sound/advanced (you set input/output for MSFS) Try it. Ian
  5. This addon is great, and gets better each update. I really like the addition of stairs being available now for airports with no airbridge, a great feature. It would be great to be able to alter the timings of the stairs/baggage and catering etc. When requested, the stairs, baggage and catering arrive and dock, but they seem to detach far too quickly. Should they not remain in position until the buttons are pressed again in the control box? Or am I missing some settings? Ian
  6. The Toliss is more refined in terms of handling, flight dynamics and smoothness, but I think the FBW developers will catch up. There is huge potential for this to surpass all of the others, fingers crossed. Their intention is to make it study level and integrate their own autopilot system. Have fun, safe landings Ian
  7. Adrian, I have the Toliss A319 too on X plane, slight differences but the MCDU is much the same, as are most of the systems. Let us know how you get on. I have over 300hrs on the FBW version. Ian
  8. Guys, What are your controller null zones? One of the main issues has always been "nullzones" on whatever controllers you are using since the second patch. Go to controls/sensitivities and have null zones around 5% for pitch, roll and yaw. If you dont the A/P may just ignore what you want to do.
  9. Adrian, I have been having all of the hassles and frustrations regarding the A/P that most have been having with the Neo since the last update broke it. It is now much better and usable, currently in the air with it! You must use the development version though. You need the most recent one as it was only updated a few hours ago. Use the automated downloader/installer, its easy. Ian
  10. Hi JS Pilot, I have been using the FBW A320 Neo since it was launched, its much better, but you have to learn a bit more about the systems as its more in depth. I can confirm that it is working fine. You need the downloader, then go for the development version, download it and fly! https://flybywiresim.com/a32nx
  11. Have you any additional utilities installed to link files/folders to another drive? (Scenery, aircraft etc usually go to the community folder). Placement can depend on the location you specified at install
  12. I used to have the very same issues. I loaded correctly (bags/PAX etc) CofG in the "mid" range around 25% MAC, all was well until I attempted to slow down and land. I had a stable ILS approach until the final phase and slow down, with full flaps, gear down etc. The aircraft then just sank below G/S and often crashed short of the runway. I noticed that stab trim was often "full up" deflection (no more up elevator available) If you tried to "TOGA" out of the situation, you then over speeded with flaps/gear down. The Neo was effectively stalling on approach. Simplest work around without going deeper into the systems is to "cheat", lighten up the aircraft before departure, offload payload (bags/PAX) so that its basically empty weight plus fuel. That should allow a slower approach without stalling. Lighter aircraft=reduced stall speeds (wing loading) However, the correct way to prevent this is to accurately complete all of the fields in the MCDU, including ZFW/ZFW CofG, fuel etc. (INIT B) You should also activate "Approach phase" in the MCDU when nearing that stage (it should do this automatically, but doesn't always). That will give you correct VAPP and VLS speeds. You can leave throttles in managed mode and the CL detent. I would highly recommend the A32NX mod, but its more in depth, many systems have to be turned on initially, understood, so more opportunity to get things wrong if you dont complete checklist items (but many bugs sorted such as Mach/speed bug as you describe) I have 120hrs in the A32NX now, not a single issue on approach for some time, even when fully loaded. Just follow VAPP and VLS speeds, activate approach phase. Good luck.
  13. Its the same with the A320 after the latest patch. The elevator authority has gone when you need to flare, I think its linked to the trim which seems to revert to full up (no further pitch up available) Perfectly fine before the latest patch screw up
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