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  1. shane2801

    Upgrading Cpu

    What about the I7 9700k?
  2. shane2801

    Upgrading Cpu

    Hi everyone I currently run P3dV4 on and I7 5960x Cpu with emough memory along with a GTX 1080Ti Graphics card. I am thinking of upgrading my CPU to an I7 8700k or can anyone suggest a CPU that may be a better fit for P3dV4. I have the $$$ but looking at value for what I get also. Thanks for reading
  3. shane2801

    First PMDG 737

    HI guys Today I bought my first PMDG plane. A 737-800. I think I have bitten off more than I can chew. Where does a newbie start as it all seem so overwhelming. This world is very different to FSX 737's. Are there tutorials? I have a couple of questions. How do you request take off or advise of landing? When you go to the appropriate frequencies how do you notify? Again Im sorry but I am very new to PMDG but have been an avid FSX flyer for years. Thanks