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  1. Looks like it might be fixed now? "We just released a new build allowing you to get the version. By updating this new version, issues encountered today (If you were part of players impacted) should now be solved."
  2. It looks great! Bit of a shame the photogrametry didn't extend another couple of km further south around the YBAF area, though the airport itself seems a little improved
  3. I understand a caveat on that is you need to have the Premium version classic C172 already, as it's using that as the base.
  4. I think fortunately/unfortunately the likes of Brisbane will still have value for some time as I can't see there being an Australia World Update anytime in the near future
  5. I'll agree with this one too, can be very challenging trying to find the hitbox with the mouse at times. I'd probably recommend leaving the working title guys out of this though, I'm sure they've got more than enough on their plates without being pulled into all of our requests for bug fixes and feature requests just because they have a foot in both camps so to speak and are easier to directly contact.
  6. I'm not convinced you fully comprehend the intended meaning of this idiom... Back on topic, I'm in the camp that cares about more realistic tree heights. I think in some of the areas that I sim-fly and am familiar with in the real world, unrealistic tall trees that are double in height to their real counterparts are going to be an irritant to me when the rest of the scenery is clearly very realistic.
  7. In the video description it says it's online mode... "Software environment Microsoft Flight Simulator Alpha hardware environment i9 9900k, RTX2080 8G, c18 3600 8GB * 4, M.2 SSD (NVMe) picture quality settings: all highest landscape mode: online mode"
  8. I think they were more just artifacts on the water from aerial imagery. From the viewpoint in the video the Captain Cook Bridge and Story Bridge should stick out like dog's goolies, as should Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Opera House around 2:00. That's all good as maybe those types of key large recognisable structures like bridges, stadiums etc will be getting some special loving down the track.
  9. FYI Microsoft's fully hosted and streamed gaming service equivalent to Google Stadia / GeForce Now / Playstation Now is called "Project xCloud" which I think is meant to be launching in October this year. It's probably fair to assume that Flight Sim will eventually make it onto there too, along with the other 3000 odd PC and Xbox titles in their arsenal.
  10. American Truck Simulator and Euro Truck Simulator 2
  11. Ignoring the YouTube video for now as that just introduces more issues with perception, and focusing on the actual elevations at surveyed intervals as can be found here: https://www.ngs.noaa.gov/AERO/uddf/WESTERN-PACIFIC/CALIFORNIA/LAX__96A.TXT Bearing in mind we're talking a roughly 10-20 feet hump over a length of 10000 feet viewed at an acute angle from a distance in an early release screenshot, to me 25L, 25R and 24L still all show the crest of the humps roughly as per the intervals in the actual runway elevations. But really, with the very limited stuff we've seen so far and the absolute lack of any true evidence for or against, we're all just counting pixels at this stage so no one can definitively say "yay" or "nay". I'm still leaning more towards "yay" though....
  12. So far there are 2 screenshots in this thread that suggest sloped runways (the night time shot with the apparently curved runway lights, and the Courchevel shot). The only justification that there are no sloped runways is that the night time shot is "probably" a graphical artefact. Using that same logic, couldn't the runways actually be even more sloped than they appear, but graphical artefacts are actually making them appear less so?
  13. Much of the visuals and flight dynamics etc has been covered already, so as far as game play simulator usage goes, it's been previously mentioned that in addition to missions an ongoing career mode would be cool. I know personally I'm a creature of habit so it would encourage me to fly a larger variety of aircraft and fly to different regions than I probably normally would. Maybe some features such as: Progression through different licences. Practical flight examination/performance scoring. Flying jobs for other owners to accumulate enough funds to buy your own aircraft and hangar space etc. Aircraft accumulating damage/wear so you need to perform maintenance (similar to A2A aircraft) Taxiing to maintenance hangars for repairs, refueling areas to refuel. Upgrades/repairs/fuel costs come out of your virtual bankroll. Flight performance being rated according to things like sticking to schedules, landing quality etc. Higher ratings leads to more future passengers and income.
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