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  1. Budbud Thank you for pointing me in the right direction You were correct. I went through the start up procedure and pressurised the hydraulics and bingo I get full movement. My own fault its the first big aircraft I've bought I'm so used to small and the control move from the get go. Its common sense when you think of it with an aircraft that size. Thanks for the assist and guidance its appreciated Regards Rick
  2. Simple question is the PMDG 737 NGX boxed edition compatible with steam?
  3. Hi Bud In the animation the yoke ie ailerons move left and right but only 2 degrees each way Elevator only an Ince forward and back and Rudders only slightly. I'm wondering if the boxed version which I have is compatible with steam?
  4. When I load the 737NGX and configure the Ailerons and Elevator. The Ailerons only move 2 degrees Left and right Elevator only an inch forward and back and the rudders hardly move. It doesn't matter if I config them through FSX-SE or Fusipc it still happens but not on other aircraft. Help Richard Preece
  5. Apologies if the above post is not in the correct place its because I dont think this is an issue with the hardware as it works on all the other Aircraft. Soft its either a configuration , software or Me issue Regards Richard Preece
  6. I posted this in another area but I think it should be here. That said I don't know where the issue lies. Ive had a full clean reinstall and also moved up to the steam edition. The problem it With the PMDG 737NGX Whether configuring the ailerons, Elevator and rudders Through FAX or FUSIPC the ailerons only move 2 degrees either direction the Elevators only move an inch and the Rudders hardly move at all. Can someone point me in the right direction or have they had a similar issue. As advised on Fruggle the &£& like the throttles to be through FSX which Ive done Thanks for any help Richard Preece
  7. Help any one Ive had a complete fresh reinstall of my system and finally moved over to FSX Steam Im having dificulty configuring the Saitek Joystick and Rudder, Its been recommended that for the PDGM 737 the throttles are configured through FSX which I have done and Ive tried to configure the elevators, Ailerons and Rudders through FUSIPC. however when I have done this the Ailerons only move 2 degrees in either direction the elevatoes only move about an inch forward and back and the Rudders hardly move at all. Ive tried running them back through settings within FSX-SE and taking out any conflicting commands in FSUIPC but I get the same. the Joy stick is calibrated and works for my Otter. So Have I missed something or has anyone had a similar issue and resolve it. a push in the right direction would be greatfull Regards Richard Preece
  8. Hi everyone This is a total newbie alert as I'm just dipping my toe into this wonderful world of flight sims. New Computor bought. i5 quad core processor nvidia 660 graphic card. Whole lot loaded on to a 1 tb hard drive specifically for FSX , PDGM 737 Love it extended Otter love it. Ready to rock and roll. I've taken off, I've circled, I've planned and I've landed absolutely hooked on the flying. Next stage advised a friend. Get these musts. Top of the list Fsuipc. "It brings everything together" can't live without it its an absolute must. Now before I go on let me categorically state this next bit is in no way intended as a slight or a dig at Mr Dawson the Creator of Fsuipc. I found the manual I read the manual and quickly came to the conclusion I am not fluent in this language of ini files and delta rescans and to disable or not to disable FSX controls to avoid conflict. The result is now I haven't got off the tarmac in 2 weeks. I feel I have failed the initiation test of a dark masonic cult and I'm now going to feel the wrath of the grand wizard. I'm stuck firmly in between wanting the freedom that this adding brings and just wanting to fly. One throttle jerks like its having seizures the other range jumps front 0 to 16444 or in the region of. The airilon. Only moves 2 degrees. Left or right. So the main question is are there any remedial classes out there, or samaritians that will help. Hey they can laugh at the new boy as long as they get me back up in the skies. And just as a disclaimer to all please don't take offence at putting a light hearted slant on a desperate request. Regards to all.
  9. Total Newbie alert, Just bought my first system and really enjoying it . However keep getting told that the way forward is FSuipc. So I bought it including Wide. I have all my Flight sim programes on a separate 1 TB hard drive. I have Intel5i quad processor, 8Mb Ram Nvida GTX660 Grahics card. And a headache at trying to get my head around the setting up of FSUIPC. Especially to My PDGM 737 Love it and My aerosoft Otter extended. Can someone please put me out of my misery and at least prod me...

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