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  1. Here's an old video preview from 2016. https://pcflight.net/eaglesoft-xls-preview/
  2. I have no problem with paying a price this high as long as the avionics and flight dynamics are realistic. As a cockpit builder I am most interested in 2d popups (both PFD's, MFD's, and CDU's) as well as button and knob integration. Can there be any confirmation on this?
  3. The FMS problem has been fixed, there should be an update out for it soon. Great plane, but no FLC like on the F1 Mustang. It uses the sim's autothrottle. To me the plane feels like an updated version of the Lear45 from FSX, but fingers crossed with future updates! This plane has potential!
  4. I’ve tried reinstalling twice with no luck, even tried redownloading. Very strange, if I don’t hear anything back from support I might try reinstalling p3d and see if that works.
  5. Just installed the cj4 into p3dv4.1, with a blank fms? Has anyone had this problem? Emailed their support but no answer...
  6. Thanks for the reply Chock! Does it give you the option to climb in mach speeds or just IAS? Is the FADEC represented well?
  7. When climbing in FLC mode, my IAS never changes to mach. I climbed to FL41 in my last flight and it stays in IAS the whole time. I know it has a mach speed at the bottom of the speed tape but does anyone else have this problem? Thanks, Kevin
  8. Does anyone have a Mustang panel cfg that you can send me? Thanks, Kevin
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