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    I'm a private pilot, SEL, but haven't flown for awhile. I love using my upgraded flight simulator to keep me up on flying. I play guitar and clarinet. I'm a bus driver for our local college and work in our shop doing repairs when not driving.

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  1. airdave

    Windows 10 Anniversary (1607) Update experience

    Sorry to butt in here - don't know where else to go to get an answer! I'm just now getting back into X-Plane 10 and I was going to upgrade my W8.1 to W10, but I heard over a year ago that XP would not work properly. Has this been fixed and should I go ahead with the W10 upgrade? Thank you!
  2. This is strange. My card is the GeForce GTX 780. I had to type the 337.88 WQHL in the search bar to even find it! When I did, I downloaded it and when I rechecked the vs number it now says 340.52. Thoughts? ...I did get the other settings done, although, with my version card was wondering if I had to do the adaptive half refresh rate part. I'm using Benq GL2460 monitors. Thanks!
  3. Hi. I do get all 4 windows. Problem is, I'm not going to click on the overwrite 7500 times - it's only authorizing one file at a time...that's the issue. What preferences are you saying - have it go back to default or minimums?
  4. Hi. Hopefully someone else has experienced this problem: I'm just getting my 3 screen, plus 1 smaller screen for instruments, set up. I've flown XP quite a bit so pretty much know what I'm doing, however, I'm not able to run the "repair Xplane" without having to click the buttons 7,000 times - the amount of files XP says it needs to fix the software. Isn't there a way to have it overwrite all the files by using one command to do so? If not, I will have to reload the entire program and all the plugins afterward...sigh! Back story: when I was trying to get the screens to show full screen at the 1920 x ?, I accidentally must have hit the navigation map somehow so now, whenever I load up XP, that's the screen that comes up over my cockpit. I can split it off to another screen and then see the cockpit, but I cannot scroll up to the top bar to access the drop down menu to make adjustments. If I "x" out of Nav. it shuts the whole program down. Suggestion would be appreciated! airdave
  5. Thanks so much for posting this! I was flying last night and was experiencing some freezing about every 30 seconds - very disconcerting when on base and final!
  6. airdave

    TrackIR in X-plane 10

    I'm having the same issue with using Trackir in XP and boy this forum really helped. I did find the PilotView stuff before, and have it bookmarked, but never used it since the date it was issued was several years ago and didn't know if it would work with the updated Trackir software. However, I too will try it out.! Thanks!
  7. Hi Kaydub! Have you been able to locate a lever and knob? I'm sure hoping so.... :Nail Biting:
  8. Hi! I'm looking for a replacement lever only and blue knob. My lever has snapped and I need only the lever part. Thanks for any help!
  9. Hi Kdub! Would you happen to have a spare lever only and a blue knob? My lever has snapped off also... Thanks!
  10. Hi! Sorry to barge into your conversation, but I'm having a similar issue. I need the blue knob AND the entire lever, as the throttle I bought has a broken middle lever. I need to replace just the lever itself and the knob. Do you have parts for this? Thanks! Dave