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  1. Whats new in the latest update pls
  2. Would be awesome if you could get hold of one. TBH, im finding the generic A3XX one ok, i use the new checklist and its working fine, im just finding out what the FO leaves out and what i have to do as part of the procedures.
  3. Is there a PDF available for the flows for the FF A350 ? iv been using the generic A3XX one but some things are different, also there are extra flows for the A350 which im unsure where they are supposed to be implemented. Any help would be greatly appreciated Gaz
  4. gaz2644

    FF A250

    Nice one, That sorted it. Thanks again and awesome work
  5. Firstly, good job on adding the FF A350, iv been waiting for this for ages :) however, iv installed the latest version of MCE but there doesnt seem to be any flows, The copilot only resp[onds to the checklists, Is this how its supposed to be ? or am i bffing up again ? Cheers Gaz
  6. gaz2644

    FF A320

    Iv just tried the FF A320 with the latest MCE, It recognizes the aircraft and will talk through the flows, but wont actually press any buttons ect, Is this because its still being worked on or am i doing something wrong ?
  7. I also have this issue, would it be posible to make the dll available to all ? As it seems everyone with the fsl a320 with suffer the same problem ?
  8. Does this work properly with the X plane 11 Zibo 737 ? The copilot was going through the flows but no pressing any buttons
  9. Thanks for the quick reply, I actually forgot about the xplane 11 ground services, i look forward to which ever is implemented first. And il msg jar about the timing issue. Regards
  10. Hi Is there any way or any plans to integrat the jar design ground handling with mce, so ot can be used like gsx? I know it handles the jar design a320 ground services but ground handling is better. If not is there a way to make the catering and loading last a bit longer, when you request loading the stais apear but are gone in a few minutes as if everyone has ran onto tje plane haha. Oh and keep up the awesome work on this, :)
  11. Flight factor A350. I know there isnt a lot known about checklist ect, but at least could we have to so mce does tje switches ect, then we can possibly do our own checklists and flows.
  12. Thanks for the reply, All good now :)
  13. Hi Iv recently updated my MCe to the latest version. No though when i tell the co pilot to carry out a flow, he understands what i say but does nothing, he will still operate switches and call out checklists ect, but wont carry out any flows, This is on both Xplane 10 and 11, iv tried it on the Jar A320 and 330 and the FF 777. please can any one help with this. Regards Gaz