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  1. CPT747

    Fsx bad graphics

    Yes , the textures are 13 year old and the resolution does not have the HD-quality.
  2. Hi Mike777, This program just has been installed successfully and it works.Thousand thank for your input and support.
  3. Hi Mike777, Thank you for your translation ,it is Aerosoft.Thanks again.
  4. Hi Captain Kevin, Many thanks for your rapid and clear info.Thanks.
  5. Hi Mike777, Sorry for my delayed answer ; I do use or i have to use the Aerosofts server for the Navigraph-AIRAC-updates,since i have purchased it from Aerosoft itself.This is a abonnement for 13 updates in a year.The link for names NDP.Maybe the problem issue is here,altough i have the confirmation that the update was successfully and the installation is okay.The FMC says: AIRAC 1712r.1 is active and valid until Dec.to the next update date.I hope i could give you a little more information about the situation.it is confused.Thanks.
  6. Hi Mike777, German only dear Mike.
  7. Dear Mike777, I got this address from Angelo Cosma:Please look at this 2 hours ago, CPT747 said: Dear Angelo Cosma, Please tell me how can i add that VHHX by hand ?.Thank you. http://vapap.com/kai-tak-airport sorry,i dont know anymore,my english is so poor,i cant explain all those things exactly in english language.Many thanks for your help and support and input.Thanks again.
  8. Dear Angelo Cosma, I have downloaded the PMDG V.5.0 file and installed in FSX but no success with,i get the notify in FMC:Not in database,i give up.Many thanks for your input and support.
  9. Dear Angelo Cosma, Please tell me how can i add that VHHX by hand ?.Thank you.
  10. Hi Mike777. Yes,i have installed AIRAC 1712 for PMDG,date is 9.November2017. VHHX.txt is existing but that is from airac cycle 1309,dated on 19.08.2013 I have deleted the file ARPT_RWY.dat,reloaded the PMDG 777,it does not work with VHHX,So i can report to you:that is the situation now here.Many thanks again and again.
  11. Thanks Ubersu for your chart notification.
  12. Thank you for your informative response Mike777.Indeed i cant see destination or arrivals or runways on my FMC updated to 1712 Airac from Navigraph,VHHX only is not existing as destination on my FMC ,any other airports do appear on my FMC,AIRAC 1712r.1 is correct. Thanks again and appreciated.
  13. Thank you for your response.I have the flytampa Kai Tak airport from Aerosoft.My OS FSX has this airport but not the Navigraph 1712 in his content,therefore,i cant navigate directly to VHHX in my FMC (PMDG 777,747.737).Thanks again.
  14. I have the 1712r.1 version but no Kai-Tak airport in FMC,thanks in advance.
  15. CPT747

    Undecided about 744 and 777

    Only 2 engines or 4 engines,that is your choice.