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  1. Marius, hello I have had my Thrustmaster 16000M for over 4 years. Never missed a beat. I use the 'twist action' for tiller steering and I have CH peddles for the rudder. Can recommend the Trustmaster. Cheers
  2. Allow me to attempt to explain this, folks. It is all rather embarrassing! I did the 4.4 Client update only. Flushed the Shaders and deleted the p3d.cfg, as I believe you should. The following day, I decided to do ‘Content’ for 4.4. I did NOT do shaders and the .cfg. I think this is possibly where I erred. Since that time, I have had Blue Screens, CTD’s, NTDLL’s abound all pointing to Drivers. As my vid driver was rather old, I suspected that and updated to the latest release 417.35. I flushed the Shaders but continued to have all above mentioned errors. For some reason, I also decided to delete the p3d.cfg file as well. Reasoning can often lead to odd things at my age!! As already hinted at, on reflection, I believe that it is not necessary to delete the cfg file on a driver change, only Shaders. Well I did delete the cfg and I think that is what I should have done after the ‘Content’ upgrade. I guess that is luck but comes with considerable embarrassment. On the positive side, I have just completed a 2 hour flight YBBN-YMML without a hint of any sys problems. I am happy and my apologies for confusing the ‘masses’. Cheers
  3. Thanks for the response folks. So glad 417.35 is treating you well 'Mulgrave' I hold my head in shame! I did a clean install of 417.35 with DDU. Dumped the Shaders folder but forgot to delete the cfg!! Since done that and I have been flying for 45mins without a hitch. Not holding my breath but it is looking ok. Cheers
  4. I am running 417.35 and am having some issues. Just wanting to know if others are experiencing any problems. Probably did not explain myself that well. Sorry.
  5. Folks I am running Prepar at 4.4 Has anyone had any experience with 417.35 and 4.4? Alternatively, can anyone give me a fairly late driver version that they are have success with on Prepar 4.4 Appreciate any assistance. Cheers
  6. Alex. Thank you for your comments and considerations. Cheers
  7. Folks I have played around with this and it now appears to work! Perhaps a restart did it. Can you confirm that the smallest difference is 1NM. i.e. you cannot indicate 1.5NM radi. etc. Given that this is so, is there any chance that 0.5NM increments would be possible in future updates? Thank you for your attention. Great piece of software, Alex. Cheers
  8. Victor Thank you for your response. This is exactly where I am attempting to change the distance but any change from the default numbers does not appear to take. Perhaps I am changing the numbers incorrectly or in an incorrect format. Any assistance would be appreciated. Cheers
  9. Alex, hello Thank you for your excellent program. Is it possible to reduce the distance of the range rings below 50NM? No matter what I place in 'Range Ring Radi for Red Range Rings', it seems to default to the minimum of 50NM. Appreciate any assistance. Jock McIntyre
  10. Excellent work, Chuck. I will find these useful. Cheers
  11. So, just to qualify, 'Starting with a default aircraft'. When I start P3D4.1, I am presented with a pivoting F-22 Raptor. It is ok to then hit 'Change Vehicle' and select my more complex aircraft e.g. PMDG, FSL etc? Or do I need to place the F-22 on terra firma someplace, then select a more complex aircraft? Cheers
  12. Thanks Jim. Appreciated.
  13. Folks For those interested in procedures for Kai Tak, the latest Airac from Navigraph (1712) contain those procedures. Thanks go to Martin Stewart who worked very hard to produce this body of work in ARINC format for Richard Stephan of Navigraph to publish. Well done men. The real beauty of this is that VHHX procedures have been produced in many developer's format by Navigraph so many more Flight Simmers can enjoy the challenges of the old Kai Tak. Cheers
  14. David Perhaps this site may help.
  15. Jockos

    P3D - crashing after 4-5 hours with PMDG

    Men Thanks for the clarification/s. I was curious as PhilH had not mentioned that he had MSVCR120.dll crashes and I was trying to relate Robert's message to the two crashes that Phil had experienced, kernalbase and ntdll.dll's. My interest is in ntdll.dll and have never experienced a MSVCR120.dll. I do use pop-ups and have flown up to 8 hours with no issues. Well, occasional ntdll's. Is there a connection? I suspect not but it is worth trying a long haul without pop-ups. Glad you are having some success, Phil Cheers