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  1. Lucifah

    What kind of system would I need?

    How many displays at which resolutions are you planning to run? At 2x 1920x1080, my setup uses around 3.5 GB VRAM of the card. It could probably run a third display just fine and still have headroom. If you like it slick: Fractal Design R5 or Nanoxia Deep Silence. Spacious, lots of room for fans to control the airflow, robust and very quiet. If you need colourful LED lighting, glass panels and other fancy stuff, no idea. :wink:
  2. I have excellent experience with Samsung Evo/Pro and Crucial SSDs. A pair of Crucial m500, which I bought more than two years ago, and which are in heavy use every day, are still going strong. User reviews are always to be taken with a grain of salt. 3-4 months for failures sounds like FUD to me, even for very early SSDs years ago.
  3. Lucifah

    What kind of system would I need?

    Just to chip in, because I have recently replaced my PC as well, and am running P3D V3.2 on it with many of the plugins you are looking for: My specs: * i7-6700k @ 4GHz stock (no OC), 32GB Ram (not required for P3D while it's 32bit only!) * SSD galore (NVMe for OS, Samsung 850 Pro for P3D; but any recent SSD will serve you well) * MSI 980TI "Twin Frozr" This GPU is a beast (even at stock clock settings), and you will want one of those if possible, because P3D is shifting more and more workload from CPU to GPU with every version and it shows! Plugins, as seen in screenshot below: * ORBX FTX Global Base, Vector, Trees & openLC Europe * REX Textures and Soft Clouds * Active Sky Next * EZCA (with dynamic head shake etc) * A2A Comanche (I don't do airliners, so can't speak for PDMG, but A2A build some pretty damn great GA plane addons) * no traffic addon yet, but from what I hear My Traffic 6 plays nicely; have yet to get it and confirm though :smile: So with that, flying over Norway's fjords: They are not max settings for everything, by the way. I'm more sensitive to framerates than most other people, so I always aim to hit 60fps+ where possible to line up with vsync. (Hence setting to unlimited + vsync on in my case) That said, most settings are either max or only one notch down in this case. Most of the time I can maintain 60 fps or just below. In very busy areas fps goes down to 40-50 for me, and only in the craziest places (like EGLL London Heathrow, with ORBX England), it can drop down to 30-40 fps. I could get a little bit of a boost with overclocking I guess, but I can't be bothered and prefer to run on lower temperatures and fan speeds (and noise levels), because the PC doubles as entertainment and work device. I'm not sure if you can max everything out, but for most settings the visual advantage isn't that noticable over a notch less than max. I do have all the fancy stuff like full anisotropic filtering, AA, reflections and cloud shadows on in this screenshot. Resolution would in theory be of concern, too, of course. But I notice no difference in fps whether I run in 1x or 2x 1920x1080 -- surprisingly. Most of the time, I'm only using one screen to have other stuff running on the other (flight planning, moving maps, FSE, skyvector etc) So anyway, got a bit carried away here, sorry :smile: You should be able to run close to max settings with recent hardware and maintain 30 fps or more. (Assuming that PDMG planes don't go berserk on fps, which I don't know.)
  4. Post Removed. Was referring to wrong driver version... Need
  5. Lucifah

    Update to Windows 10, good idea?

    You can set your internet connection to "metered", which will postpone all updates until you decide to download them. @FlyCathay: I'm running P3D on a clean and fresh Windows 10 Pro here and it runs great. I'd never go for an upgrade which skips one major version altogether. Too many variables and unknowns. If possible, do a clean install in dual-boot to see that your hardware and important software are working as expected. Then eventually kill Windows 7 and free up space. (This of course requires having a suitable partition layout or several disks; otherwise that can be messy) Run whatever works for you. If you're happy with Windows 7 and have no other reasons to upgrade, stick with it. P3D certainly won't require Windows 10 any time soon to run properly. Can as well wait until your next major hardware upgrade.
  6. It installed OK for P3D 2.1 for me with EMT. However, I had to edit the DLL.XML manually. They explain in their forums how: Then it works fine. EagleSoft's Diamond DA-42 Twin Star works with P3D v2.1 via EMT, but the auto pilot goes black and unresponsive after a short while (both as pop up panel and in VC). I asked their support via email, but they haven't replied yet.
  7. Lucifah

    v2.1: no TrackIR...?

    After endless searching... This did the trick! Thanks a lot!