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  1. Hello folks ! The problem seems to come from the external weather engine like Active Sky Next with a particular cloud coverage. I took off from CYUL - Montreal (Fly Tampa scenery) with the Airbus A319 with ASN with no cloud at all and got solid 30-40 fps. Once I have arrive at Philadelphia, with a solid cloud coverage and rainy precipitation, my fps drop to 6-10. I have deactivated ASN and my FPS increased instantly to 30-40 fps. No matter the weather radar was on or off. Cheers, Francis Thérien
  2. Hi, After a lot of search (around 6-8 hours), I have succeed to make the JS41 work correctly on FSX SE. Some features don't work like the IAS. But, it is flyable. How to do it : After installation, go to your steam installation folder. ...steamapps\common\FSX\SDK\Core Utilities Kit\SimConnect SDK\LegacyInterfaces You will see 3 folders : FSX-RTM FSX-SP1 FSX-XPACK Step 1: Go to FSX-XPACK and execute SimConnect Step 2: Go to FSX-RTM and execute SimConnect Step 3: Go to FSX-SP1 and execute SimConnect Restart FSX, choose the JS41 and then you will be ask for the registration key. Have fun ! Thanks, Francis
  3. Hi, I was able to install JS41 on FSX STEAM, but it doesn't work well. - I don't have any avionics. - I have a black rectangle to my boarding sheet at the left of the commander seat. - Throttle and Props animation doesn't work. - Altitute is not showing correctly (the hundred number not showing) I have FSX Steam installed on Win10 64bits. All other planes work fine. PMDG 737 and 777 work fine. Any idea ? I have already donwloaded the latest update from PMDG site. I have also applied a fix about the gauge that make a crash to desktop when I use the JS41. Thanks for your help, Francis
  4. I have some problem here.. maybe you can help me with them. 1. How is your landing lights in FSX:SE ? Do you see the taxi light on the taxiway/runway from your virtual cockpit ? I don't see them. I see that they are lighting the taxiway on spot view, but from the virtual cockpit, I don't see where i'm going. 2. Is there a way to weight balance the plane ? If I have for 3200 lbs of passenger and 1500 pounds of cargo with 1650 pounds of fuel, I have a lot of difficulties to pilot the plane. The trim but be at the extreme button and i have to pull the nose down with my stick to keep it correctly. Any Idea ? Is it doing the same with your FSX:SE version ? Thanks
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