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  1. Thank you so much Ron, I did find it however just a small "ish" detail with the livery. Of the three stripes along the fuselage, it appears that you have Red Black then Green but the actual colours are Red Black and Blue. It is probably hard to see from the actual Pic as shadows can alter the appearance of shades etc. In any case It is a brilliant job as are your others that I had a quick look at, Great work. Thank you. Paul S
  2. Hello Ron, I am certainly impressed with your repaint of VH-LCY. I have just today flown in that very aircraft from YPPF ( parafield) to the riverland and return. Do you by chance still have the repaint and would you mind at all sending it my way please? I would be ever so grateful. Thankyou very much in advance Paul S skids5108 at Hotmail dot Com.
  3. Great question and I am happy that this issue is being discussed. Here in Adelaide, South Australia as I imagine it would be with many other airports, we have a company Regional Express (REX) Airlines who have a specific parking area at the Adelaide airport YPAD (10A? to 10F) for example. When I land at YPAD and contact ground they always seem to send me to some old unused parking area at the back of the airport. I am using AusceneX Adelaide scenery and the aircraft of concern is the SAAB 340 series which are used by this particular company. If I fly other airline liveries eg. Qantas, Jetstar or Virgin I seem, in the main get sent to an appropriate gate at the new terminal although on occasion I also get sent to some small parking bay at the back. As I understand FSX has the ability to recognize the aircraft type small or heavy and select the appropriate ramp or gate. I have been in the aircraft config file and not wanting to change much as I don't really know what I am doing, seen that the cfg file lists parking as Ramp or Gate etc but is that just any gate or ramp? Can we set it to a specific ramp or ramps? Thanks guys Paul
  4. I too have the same question, Likewise, I have a number of different liveries for the aircraft. With downloading either freeware or payware they usually come with a multitude of different liveries. As niyoko stated above all I am really interested in is livery that is appropriate to companies flown here in Australia, REX and Qantas for example. At the end of the day though in general I do not look at the aircraft from the outside view when in flight. FS Passengers also has issue with different liveries, for those that use it each aircraft or livery needs to be purchased within FS passengers. The minor issue is I guess that the need to scroll through so many aircraft and find the actual one can not only be time consuming but also confusing. There are many Liveries that are similar in appearance so loading one that you think is correct and starting FS Passengers then told you don't own that aircraft is annoying especially when as I said there are many that are so similar. Unfortunately also, un ticking the "show all variations" option hides the liveries that we are looking for. So again I ask if there is any way to ask FSX to only show one particular livery for each aircraft ?