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  1. 209vaughn

    Activation Key wont work

    Hi, I took a few months off from playing FSX. And when I came back my 737NGX is asking me for my activation key, so I put it in again and it wont work. Please help! Vaughn
  2. 209vaughn


    I cant believe i found out about this wonder program after it was pulled down. Really wish he'd post it again. There are at least 5 or 6 people ITT who i'm sure would pay $40 for it.
  3. 209vaughn

    Need HELP... Just bought PMDG 737 FSX

    I woke up this morning and tried it and it worked. Just one of those random things I guess. Thanks everybody!!
  4. 209vaughn

    Need HELP... Just bought PMDG 737 FSX

    Yes. Every payware aircraft i've purchased in the past (not PMDG) works fine.
  5. Hello, Just purchased the PMDG 737 and it seemed to install correctly and I inputted my activiation key, but when I click to load the plane FSX crashes to desktop. I'm really stumped as to what to do? Maybe reinstall? PS i already reset my computer. Thanks ahead of time. Vaughn B.
  6. 209vaughn

    Which No. Calif. Airports Do You Request?

    I cant tell if you're trying to be funny or not.