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  1. Golden Rocket

    AI ships Afcad making

    Keep us informed of your results. Bernard
  2. Golden Rocket

    AI ships Afcad making

    Here an example with two Afcad - AI ship and AI animals: Commander Cousteau's "Calypso" and jumping dolphins near Daedalus Reef in the Red Sea Or static AI ship combined with static objects: USS "Midway" leaving Pearl Harbor (classic era) Bernard
  3. Golden Rocket

    AI ships Afcad making

    Send me a message with your mail address. Bernard
  4. Golden Rocket

    AI ships Afcad making

    Sorry Ronzie, but here we are speaking about ships, not aircraft. Like buses or crash tenders, AI ships have to stay on ground. Therefore it's a different way to create an according Afcad. Using normal aircraft Afcad and normal aircraft flightplans you will get "Flying Dutchmen"! As I said before, it isn't a question of FP. Unknown textured apron paths or taxiways are shown in green. It seems to be a problem with your cfg file. Is your ship an AI or are you using a "flyable" model? In this case you have to use an adapted cfg file. This flightplan is absolut correct, even if you could set the second departure time at 11:16:22, like doing just a pattern. The ship will anyway use the time needed. Bernard
  5. Golden Rocket

    AI ships Afcad making

    Excepting if using an environment enhancer like REX. All Afcad tools show a default water or unkown texture which still might be seen even if path is reduced to 0.4 ft. But this discussion doesn't help solving the initial question: how to stop AI ships at a certain place for a certain time? Bernard
  6. Golden Rocket

    AI ships Afcad making

    That's why it's necessary to use the old, but still very efficient Afcad221. Bernard
  7. Golden Rocket

    AI ships Afcad making

    It isn't a matter of flightplan, but only of Afcad. Once I had a Staten Island Ferry traffic starting at Bowery and stopping at Staten Island for an hour. And a similar leg in the other direction. I had to add a further runway link at Staten Island. But afterwards I couldn't recovered it anymore. BTW, Holger Sandmann's Afcad are created exactly the same way as shown in my Afacd above. So don't expect any new input. Create a ship traffic from Le Havre to Marseille won't work. Traffic based on apron path will only be shown within the 90 nm radius. Further away AI ships disapear. Ships aren't AI aircraft taking off from one airport and flying to the another. I have some traffic from Southampton shown until reaching Lands End or leaving Sognefjorden until the open sea. That's the most I could do. Bernard
  8. Golden Rocket

    AI ships Afcad making

    It looks like this: Very important: the radius of the parking spot must be set at 600 ft. The area must be set as "Dock". The length of the runway can be set at 500 ft - it's enough. To reduce the width of the runway I use the Afcad 221. That's the only tool allowing to reduce width to 0.4 ft and make it completely invisible. Otherwise I create all my Afcad with AFX, the only tool with an interface and showing exactly where apron paths should to be placed. A real WYSIWYG! Bernard
  9. Golden Rocket

    D-Day airfields in FS9

    While up to now I searched for the airborne units involved in D-Day, I focused my searchs on the troop carrier groups and found this interesting site: Have a look at the page "IX Troop Carrier Cmd". There are some airfields more than mentioned above. Bernard
  10. Golden Rocket

    D-Day airfields in FS9

    There where two US airborne divisions involved in Operation "Neptune" at D-Day and using C-47: the 82nd and the 101st. As I could establish up tp now, units of both divisions took off from following airfields in UK: 82nd Airborne - 325th Glider Infantry Regiment: Greenham Common - 505th Parachute Infantry Regiment: not found - 507th Parachute Infantry Regiment: Barkston Heath - 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment: not found, but was based at Wollaton Park 101st Airborne - 501st Parachute Infantry Regiment: Merryfield Airport - 3rd Battalion: Exeter - 502nd Parachute Infantry Regiment: Greenham Common and Menbury - 506th Parachute Infantry Regiment: Exeter Here a quite surprising Information: "Although ostensibly the 327th Glider Infantry Regiment was part of the 101st Airborne Division, the majority of ths unit landed by sea on Utah Beach the afternoon of D-Day +1, June 7, 1944, due to a shortage of glider tow planes." Therefore the search for suitable airfields is considerably reduced. Bernard
  11. Golden Rocket

    D-Day airfields in FS9

    There are a lot of British airfields available. But first you should list those operating C-47's at D-Day period - Wikipedia might help. Bernard
  12. Golden Rocket

    BN2 AI

    Or try following: copy the AI folder, delete the entries of a good one and the bad one, assign the textures of the bad one to the remaining good one. Rename the title and modify the corresponding aircraft.txt file of your traffic. After that, providing you are used to do the steps I didn't mentioned specifically, let it flying alone and check what happens. Bernard
  13. Using Static Aircraft Maker (SAAM) could be a solution, but it would be a phenomenal amount of work: create dozens and dozens of statics and insert them all at the right places. Also be aware that you won't gain any frame rates, as texture sizes of modified aircraft remain exactly the same. In order to keep static your actual AI aircraft, you could delete the apron paths to parkings in the Afcad files. Instead of taxiing out, the AI will disappear. Bernard
  14. Golden Rocket

    FS9 AI Sound file question

    Only [GeneralEngineData] entries "engine_type=0" (piston sound) or "engine_type=1" (jet sound) support AI heli - with entry "engine_type=3" (helo turbine) AI won't take-off. Bernard
  15. Golden Rocket

    AFS-DESIGN - World & Mosaic 2004

    If you like residential areas with multi-storey buildings every kilometer in the dessert or, as said above, the same square street pattern over the whole world, you will love it ...Sorry, but it doesn't give the value for money! Bernard