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  1. FSX on Steam is my setup for the past few years. No problems that couldn't be solved within Steam. I would say that my only reservation would be buying add-ons purchased through Steam. I have found that many FSX add-ons have no support available for their Steam versions. Just get the FSX versions and load them using the FSX installers that are provided.
  2. ORBX has a demo version of their PNW scenery and also a couple of beautiful British Columbia seaplane bases that are free. Just go to their site and explore the "Freeware" heading. Checkout the Portland city scenery also.
  3. Jankees, I really appreciate all of the repaints you do for various aircraft. I have downloaded a few for the Carenadi V35B, but when installed the cockpit view of the windows is all black glass. The paints that came with the plane are all fine. Can I correct this ?
  4. Milviz seems to be unaware of this scenery and I can find it nowhere else on the web. Any chance of making it available again? It is far too beautiful to let die.
  5. Thank you all for the many interesting comments. Glad to see I am not the outlyer on this issue.
  6. Same for me. Always three files to be re-acquired. FSX-SE is a wonder compared to the boxed versions, however.
  7. I have been simming for quite a few years and one recurring gripe I have is the lack of documentation for the use of Carenado's many fine aircraft. It would be very helpful if some information existed for use of the various auto-pilots, instruments, and system that are not common to other aircraft. I actualy avoid buying their planes because of this unless the plane is really older vintage. This shortcoming becomes very obvious with later era planes. Many other publishers do a better job of documenting the operation of their planes. I was frustrated today trying to get their Beech D-18 to fly on auto pilot.
  8. ALT+F2 did not work for me using ChasePlane and FSX-SE.
  9. Same question...How can I get the hat switch to work for panning in FSX-SE (w/ Thrustmaster Flight Hotas X)
  10. Actually, this topic seems to have taken root in the other Microsoft FS forum. So read it there.
  11. It has been reported on another forum that Microsoft had ended their agreement with Steam as applies to the FSX franchise. Steam will continue to offer FSX and add-ons. Further information will be forthcoming from MS.
  12. Any particular reason why the SunSkyJet donation portal has been shut off?
  13. Your post has me puzzled. FSX was dropped by Microsoft years ago; certainly more than two years ago. This means that your disk version of FSX was published well before Steam assumed the FSX franchise and made the sim what it is today. So how did the Steam name get inserted in your disk version of FSX? Are you sure you didn't register for Steam at some point? Steam/FSX is payware, meaning it was never given away. I have two boxed versions of FSX: the 2006 first day original, and the later one with Acceleration. If installed, neither of them reference Steam, even today.
  14. This is not an uncommon problem with Steam FSX add-on installations. If the program has a self-installer, it looks for FSX as a starting point. In FSX-SE, the FSX directory is embedded in the Steam directory, which probably is located in Program Files (x86). Click there, look for Steam, click there; steamapps, click there; common, click there; FSX will appear next, and that is the target that the self installer is looking for. If you are manually installing, you want to end up placing add-on aircraft in the Airplanes file, which would follow clicks on FSX, as above, followed by clicks on Sim Objects, inside which is the desired Airplanes folder.
  15. You liked it so much that you named yourself for it on the forum. Thank you for supporting fs9.
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