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  1. forkedtail

    Microsoft reclaims control of FSX from Steam

    Actually, this topic seems to have taken root in the other Microsoft FS forum. So read it there.
  2. It has been reported on another forum that Microsoft had ended their agreement with Steam as applies to the FSX franchise. Steam will continue to offer FSX and add-ons. Further information will be forthcoming from MS.
  3. forkedtail

    What happened to SunSkyJet?

    Any particular reason why the SunSkyJet donation portal has been shut off?
  4. forkedtail

    FSX steam edition???

    Your post has me puzzled. FSX was dropped by Microsoft years ago; certainly more than two years ago. This means that your disk version of FSX was published well before Steam assumed the FSX franchise and made the sim what it is today. So how did the Steam name get inserted in your disk version of FSX? Are you sure you didn't register for Steam at some point? Steam/FSX is payware, meaning it was never given away. I have two boxed versions of FSX: the 2006 first day original, and the later one with Acceleration. If installed, neither of them reference Steam, even today.
  5. This is not an uncommon problem with Steam FSX add-on installations. If the program has a self-installer, it looks for FSX as a starting point. In FSX-SE, the FSX directory is embedded in the Steam directory, which probably is located in Program Files (x86). Click there, look for Steam, click there; steamapps, click there; common, click there; FSX will appear next, and that is the target that the self installer is looking for. If you are manually installing, you want to end up placing add-on aircraft in the Airplanes file, which would follow clicks on FSX, as above, followed by clicks on Sim Objects, inside which is the desired Airplanes folder.
  6. forkedtail

    Your opinions on FS Flying School?

    You liked it so much that you named yourself for it on the forum. Thank you for supporting fs9.
  7. forkedtail

    Has "Active Camera" passed away ?!

    I have seen this same comment from others in recent years. Supposedly they do eventually get around to contacting you. I tried the trial version and didn't see any value in that application. The head latency didn't work and I couldn't change the point of view. It certainly was not worth any investment. Someone please tell me I'm wrong and how to fix it.
  8. forkedtail

    FS9 problems with latest Windows 10 update

    Running Windows 10 with the latest updates was problematic for me until I got a tip about running fs9 in "Compatibility Mode". Everything's fine now. Perhaps it doesn't work for everyone, but I would guess there are many who haven't tried it.
  9. forkedtail

    Default Weather

    Yup,I noticed that too. 😑
  10. forkedtail

    FS9 problems with latest Windows 10 update

    My understanding is that Windows 10 will be the last major OS and that updates will alter it from what it currently is. The bottom line is that fs9 may be doomed, but mine is working great right now.
  11. forkedtail

    Default Weather

    In the full sense, of "supported", no, they have stopped that. ASE still works for current owners. At least these publishers have been up front about their products. There are software publishers that continue to sell unsupported products that won't even run on modern systems, yet they still take your money gladly. I have had this happen with payware aircraft. ASE performs as well for me as it did day one. REX weather does not, except for their wonderful textures; used with the ASE weather engine.
  12. forkedtail

    FS9 problems with latest Windows 10 update

    I received this suggestion from a friend regarding the delays in fs9 operation, also known as "the spinning circle": The April Windows update contains a feature known as "focus assist". Go into the settings and select to turn off this feature. Doing this on his system, and mine, corrected the delays and now fs9 is running as before the update. It is probably a good idea to restart your computer after making this change.
  13. forkedtail

    FS9 problems with latest Windows 10 update

    The sim is still usable for me but the pauses between functions is very aggravating. I'll wait to see what transpires before I start over. Developers are obviously not gamers!
  14. I haven't seen this mentioned in any simming forum yet, but the latest Windows 10 update has caused problems in fs9 use. The specific problem involves slower load times and delays between view changes and other screen rendering. I notice that the "spinning circle" will be displayed during view changes and aircraft changes. Also affected are the use of the functions in the top menu bar. Choosing Settings will trigger the "spinning circle" for a few seconds while the selected function tries to load. Overall the sim functions fine and frame rates are the same but game play is not as fluid because of the frequent delays. I have experience no game crashes because of the problem. According to a knowledgeable friend, the gaming community is all over MS about this problem, so hopefully a fix is coming soon.
  15. forkedtail

    Default Weather

    I am editing my post from above: REX weather does not seem to be updating as I had thought. As I write this my airport a few miles away is having thunderstorms, which REX is not portraying. When I switch to ASE the weather on the screen looks just like what I see out of my window as I type this; rain, thunder and lightning. As has been stated in other threads, ASE (HiFi) has stated that they will support their product for the purchasers who have it. ASE for fs9 can no longer be bought, however. Also, if you want information directly from the source, on why ASE was discontinued, but still supported for current users, read this thread which contains a definitive answer from the president of HiFi Technologies: