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  1. Look in Disc2, MSGames.cab, Beech_Baron.cab. Not sure if there are other places so try that first. You can get directory of FS9 discs here in the library, for MS Excel. It's...fs9cddir.zip ColinB
  2. The problem was the Scenery.cfg. I have several to cover different areas and made a new one to test a couple of sceneries on their own. You were right. I had missed out a default scenery entry. Once corrected, everything is back to normal. Thank you very much for the pointer. The last thing I wanted to do was re-install everything. It's amazing what one missing entry will do! Thank you again. Colin B
  3. I appear to have lost most of the default airports and gained a mass of autogen trees and old buildings. I've tried changing seasons without it helping. It seems to be on most continents. When I go to "Go to Airport", there is only a choice of a handful of airports, eg. 42 for the whole of Canada, 46 for UK, etc. The only recent additions have been a couple of AIA a/c for traffic. Add-on scenery seems to work ok. World /scenery/asia etc. still seems to have all the APxxxx files they always had. If I use JABBGL, I can find all the airports which don't show up in "Go to Airport" which seems to confirm that all the APxxxx files are still there and intact. I can't think of any texture file changes apart from the AIA traffic which i thought shouldn't affect scenery. Any help or ideas would be much appreciated. Thanks. Colin B
  4. I've done a search for FinneyGround_Vert_Logisitics.bgl and I can't find it on my system. My Scenery Object Library folder has 1.39 Gb in it as I have downloaded lots of what's available over the last few years. When I installed KPDX 2010, I had no missing textures anywhere in the scenery, so I didn't check for extra library files required. Loading up again, I now have at C17, 2 trucks with "Old Dutch Potato Chips" logo; at C13,truck with red cab/grey body; east of threshold of runway 28L, row of 10 trucks, 5 red/grey and 5 white/white with "Landmark" logo. At E1/E2 area, trucks white/white with "Olympic Yogurt" logo. Fuel trucks have "Coulson Pacific" logo. There are what seems like dozens of these assorted trucks around the scenery as you would find at an airport of this size. All these trucks are there on each loading but textures sometimes vary. I never bothered about the different logos varying , because it all looks so realistic with so much differing apron clutter. So, what do you experts make of that? 🙂 Colin B
  5. You must be missing some object library files I mentioned above, ( in the PDF file). Those 2 vehicles at Gate C17 show up as red cabs with grey bodies and do not have logos like the catering trucks. There are dozens of trucks, cars and apron vehicles but all have textures. It is extremely well populated and looks very realistic compared with most other sceneries and Sidney Schwartz & Peter Ham deserve a lot of thanks for producing it for us FS9ers. Colin B
  6. Have you got the vehicle object libraries listed in the Readme PDF? If not, that could be your problem. Mine appear Ok, so don't know what else to try. Colin B
  7. I don't think my Afcad file would make any difference. The only change I remember making, was to remove all of the lines on the outer edges of the taxiways , etc which were rarely there for real. I used the LevelD B767 and mostly AIAardvark AI aircraft which have never shown any problems and were all self-installed by substitution in the MS Traffic file. Colin B
  8. With a NW wind, traffic landed on runway 27. Changed surface and lower level winds to north and then south, and traffic took off in the correct directions. No apparent problems but didn't check landings. Colin B
  9. I had the problem where it landed me on the taxiway on the right. I used ADE9X to change the 28L localiser to the runway heading of 299.05998°, then moved the green localiser arrow to lineup with the runway. Saved and compiled and put in the KPDX scenery file, backing-up the original. Next attempt using a loc QDM of 280°, it flew straight down the loc and landed in the middle of the runway with no further problem. Colin B
  10. Search Flightsim.com for Buysen and you should get a file containing Brussels (+others) and an afcad for it. It is " By Peter Slater, Gareth Abbott. (See also ELVASP1U.ZIP)" It's also available here on Avsim as elvasp1.zip Colin B
  11. Carob Where did you get the AFD file you are modifying with AFCAD? My FRF V6 came with an AFX_PANC_v6.bgl file which I modified with ADE. That file has ILS approaches for rws 14, 07L and 07R which AI appeared to be using. I only used it with LevelD B767 and not the default GPS. If you changed it with AFCAD, you probably lost a lot of the file content. Colin B
  12. You weren't meant to use that file! You should check your FS9 folder......\scenery\name\scenery, and if it's there, then disable it. It was Steve0616's suggestion if you had previously used Shez's scenery of KDCA. Colin B
  13. The file you're referring to might be "3altfix.zip" with corrections for 3 of Shez's sceneries. An extract from its Readme shows "Each file in this zip archive is an FS9 BGL file for a single airport. Install only the corresponding file for any of Shez' airport scenery you have installed and active. They must be installed into the regional scenery folder that contains the default airport scenery AP file: KBUR_Burbank_BUR2005_238pt950.bgl scenery\namw\scenery KSNA_John_Wayne_Santa_Ana_SNA2004_17pt359.bgl scenery\namw\scenery KDCA_Reagan_National_dca2002_4pt880.bgl scenery\name\scenery" The files aren't in each separate scenery if installed as per instructions. Colin B
  14. I had no trouble adding it manually to the scenery when I installed it. My entry is:- [Area.081] Title=Vancouver Local=D:\Flight Sim 9\Scenery\Canada\Vancouver Area v1.0\CYVR\Scenery Active=True Required=FALSE Remote= Layer=81 Just change the Area/Layer and the Local address and try that. I've had no trouble with FS9 crashing at any stage of use. I do get occasional stutters using it with the LevelD 767 but I'm only using an "Intel Dual core @ 3Gh". Colin B
  15. Try removing the Take-off/Landing Only restriction for the runways using ADE or AFCAD and see if that makes any difference. Colin B
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