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  1. ***FIXED*** 1. Uninstalled PMDG, followed by Simconnect. Reinstalled Simconnect (w/ SP1 & 2). Prepar3d worked. 2. Reinstalled PMDG. Prepar3d + PMDG worked. 3. Rebooted. Prepar3d crashed as before. Uninstall PMDG. Prepar3d worked. Reinstalled PMDG. Prepar3d + PMDG works until rebooted. 4. Reinstalled PMDG. Prepar3d + PMDG worked. This time left Baron as default aircraft. Still works after reboot. Summary: Even with setup scenario screen left on, the default aircraft cannot be PMDG. Doing so causes crash. Jonjo Hall
  2. There is no migration tool and no addon scenery. Vanilla Windows 7 and the first thing I installed was P3D v3 followed by Simconnect and then PMDG. I will uninstall PMDG and just have P3D and Simconnect and see if that works. Jonjo Hall
  3. No, fresh install. Purchased PMDG yesterday and P3D v3 was a straight install and not an upgrade. Jonjo Hall Yep, even though the readme didn't say ESP, when it failed I did try ESP as well. Jonjo Hall
  4. Damn, how did you guys get this working? I have a fresh install of Windows 7. I installed P3D v3 and made sure everything was working. I installed Simconnect RTM, SP1 and SP2 XPACK and then PMDG 777. I don't even get to the Scenario screen. I get a quick loading box and then the whole thing just dies. Task Manager shows Prepar3d still running but there's no GUI. Did the same on Windows 10 (which is why I went back to 7). I've since found that it fails after I install Simconnect SP2 XPACK. Uninstalling this allows me to get back into P3D (i.e. just on SP1), but none of the buttons work. Am I missing something obvious? Jonjo (stressed)
  5. Hi Guys, Stumbled across this map a guy did while laid up with a broken leg. It supposedly shows the shortest route to visit all countries (UN recognized) of the world. Apparently only 6 don't have airports. Anyone tried this? If so, what aircraft? I'm guessing that all the capitals should have an airport with the ability to take a small jet. Regards, Jonjo69
  6. Hi everyone, Haven't touched a flight sim. since FS2004. Not sure why, other pursuits etc. Looked at FSX a few years back in 2009'ish but a colleague at the time with MS didn't think it had long to live and again I found other things to interest me. Anyway, it was through a new job with the military that I found out that LH had bought the code and was amazed when they released Prepar3d to the general public, albeit with their odd EULA and that if you at any point find it entertaining, you must immediately stop using it and remove it from your system. I myself am a mature student studying geology in my spare time and so legally I guess I'm fine. I digress. What I was hoping to find was a list of what 'the well informed' believe are the essential add-ons/utilities. I know people will have different views etc., but without it you can blow a budget in minutes. From reading, this is what I've gathered. FSCommander VOXATC REX 4 FTX Global FTX Vector? FTX Region England (tis where I live) FTX Region Australia (tis where I like to holiday) Does this make sense? Do they work together? Rig is (or will be when Apple get off their ***** *****), dual boot (Win7) Mac Pro, 8-core, 32GB ram, GTX780s ... Jonjo69