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  1. Hi, I'm using latest version of ASN, with Prepar3dV3 an PTA. I often have a thin line between the transition of haze and clear skies in my scenery, anybody experienced this ? https://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=10210556204122252&set=gm.1112985695404942&type=3&theater Regards, Marc.
  2. Hi, As a newbie in multiscreen setup, I'm trying tu setup a view group for 2 x 48" TV's (16:9). They are 106cm wide and 69cm high, bezels are 1cm. Trying to figure it out, but my horizon line seems to bend to the bottom in the middle where screens overlap. Has anyone allready configured this setup and would it be possible to share the config file ? I'm using one MSI 970GTX GPU. Thx guys. Marc.
  3. Addon Scenery

    Hi, I have some local scenery i want to use in latest version V3.2. Which map should it be placed into ? There is no Addon scenery map present any more in the root map. The scenery exists out of 1 bgl file.Do i have to create some extra maps also ? Thx.
  4. Three 75" 4K's Are Installed

    Sorry Mike, was only my first impression on youtube :wub: ... With those specs it should be a bomb indeed. But which GPU (s) do you use to run so many pixels ?
  5. Three 75" 4K's Are Installed

    I'm sorry to say, but I'm not too impressed with the display quality of those UHD tv's ... how do you drive them ?
  6. Hi guys, Can you give specific types of HD monitors you're using. I'm planning to upgrade my 24" screens to 32" 4K screens. I have a MSI Geforce 970. Will this run fluently ?