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  1. Arrowhead2k14

    [07FEB15] PMDG 777-200LR/F & 300ER for P3D Released!

    Any word on whether or not the current version of Fs2Crew works with PMDG 777 P3D? I'm wondering if I should buy that now too.
  2. Arrowhead2k14

    [08JAN15] Updated P3D Development Information

    I'm pretty sure mikeymike is missing something...
  3. Arrowhead2k14

    [08JAN15] Updated P3D Development Information

    Seems like something inherent to the sim engine, and P3D is still at its core using the FSX engine. I doubt this is fixed, but I could be wrong.
  4. I haven't tried that yet, but I disabled hyperthreading in the bios and things are much smoother.
  5. Arrowhead2k14

    [08JAN15] Updated P3D Development Information

    Excellent news! Made my day. A lot of people are moving to P3D these days. I seriously doubt there will be trouble marketing here.
  6. Arrowhead2k14

    XPlane Development Status Thread [Updated 12SEP14]

    The weather depiction leaves a lot to be desired with X-Plane. You can't get anything close to ASN and Rex4 with XP.
  7. Arrowhead2k14

    PMDG Christmas Surprise.

    I thought the 777 was coming to P3d this year. What happened?
  8. I did my first IFR flight using voxatc from CYYZ to KJFK. Everything is going good up to departure where I'm assigned a simple arrow2 sid and then told to fly direct to putol being my first waypoint on my flightplan. Fine, but I was having some trouble figuring out the FMS and ended up zig zagging waaaay off course. Okay, my bad but while voxatc seemed to do a good job nagging about my altitude, it couldn't seem to care less about where I was actually flying during my route. It still would hand me off, even as far as Ottawa centre where I'm not supposed to be according to my flight plan. Is this normal? Shouldn't I have been vectored or interrogated or something?