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  1. Hmm strange. Just a shot in the dark, but do ya think FSUIPC (unregistered) could have anything to do with it?
  2. Really appreciate your help, seems to be an unsolvable problem though. The default PSS was doing the same thing (and still is). Even after uninstalling and re-installing it. Really strange. $30 down the drain haha
  3. Hi, thank you for this file. I appreciate your work. However, I'm baffled with a takeoff problem. Basically, the plane won't lift off until about 190-200kts at reasonable weights. (Last takeoff was around 670-680k lbs or so.) Even when i use higher trim settings the plane will rotate ok yet it just does a huge wheelie until it barely gets off the ground at the end of the runway! -I'm using flaps 5, full TO power -Iv'e put in the correct CG Just can't put my finger on the problem. My flight parameters look nothing out the ordinary. Any thoughts would be much appreciated!
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