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  1. martigasco

    Surface winds not present at all

    FSUIPC is installed, yes. By weather settings, do you mean the Winds tab? If so, All is unchecked, just as its set by default. I've tried playing with those (especially Max wind speed up to 1000ft, which seemed relevant, but still no result...) :(
  2. martigasco

    Surface winds not present at all

    Thanks, computerflyer I checked and the winds are set as "Surface winds", from 0ft to 5000ft in the last particular case I tested. I took some screenshots (with the phone, sorry) to illustrate what happens (Cessna + 55kt pure crosswind):
  3. Hello, I don't really know where to post this, as I have no idea of where it can come from, I hope someone had this issue before and can guide me... The issue I have is with surface winds: let's say I pick up any airport with a pure north-oriented runway, and I setup crazy crosswinds at 90º (by crazy I mean 75kts, this is how far I've come to check this). When I take off from the runway no wind drift happens AT ALL, I mean zero, until I climb and reach 1000ft or so, then a sudden drift does happen according to the wind setting. Then I turn around and prepare the approach for the same runway: the wind keeps affecting the plane all the time, I capture the loc and the AP needs to make a huge correction due to the wind but, as soon as I reach about 1000ft above ground, disengaging AP or not, the wind begins to gradually disappear, resulting in a perfectly aligned airplane to the runway a few hundred feet above ground, as if there was no wind at all. I don't even need to touch the rudder control, as I'm forced to turn into the runway heading as I approach the ground and the wind "effect" ceases (otherwise I'd land in the grass). I thought for a while that it could be some FSX limitation, but then I see videos like this one, where there is a crosswind effect on final, and I bet not at 75kts... I hope someone can point me to the right direction, thank you! Relevant considerations: - I've tried this with many default aircraft, plus addons - It happens in all airports, and in all runway directions - It doesn't matter if I configure the wind with FSX tool or with ASN Relevant addons: - ActiveSky Next - Accufeel - PMDG 737NGX - ORBX Global + Vector + OpenLC Europe