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  1. Lineairer

    Wrong turn on intercept

    Thanks a lot for all your insights. I now understand that this is a data issue - i.e. the necessary information is not available to the FMS. Is it possible to rectify this myself by correcting / amending the waypoints on the LEG page after first having selected and activated the respective SID? - Peter
  2. Lineairer

    Wrong turn on intercept

    Good afternoon Some SIDs include a turn to intercept a radial or track where the turn is not executed in the shortest direction, but the opposite, leading to a turn of more than 180 degrees. Reason for this "loop" is mostly noise abatement. Examples are NORDI 1D in Larnaca (LCLK) or ALBIX 1R in Zürich (LSZH). Unfortunately, the 777 does a straight left turn in the Larnaca example, not flying the 240 degree loop to the right, but a 120 straight turn to the left. In the Zurich example, the ND flips back and forth between a left turn loop and a straight right turn, until it finally decides for one option or the other after takeoff. How to deal with this. if it is a problem with the Airac data, can this be corrected with manual entries in the FMS LEG page? Does the Airac even carry the necessary information? Thanks Peter
  3. Lineairer

    Autopilot does not disengage

    I should have watched the whole thing (and read the FCOM, which I did yesterday...). Now everything is clear, thanks for this. The only thing that makes me wonder: two years ago with the PMDG NGX I connected the yoke buttons to the FSX's functions AP ON/OFF and AT ON/OFF. At that time, the buttons then did not ACTIVATE the respective functions (as you would expect) so I had to use the VC buttons, but they reliably disconnected them. I made the same settings with the 777 now as I was expecting the same behaviour with the 777, which - as you nicely explained - follows the same logic. Thanks again, Ross
  4. Lineairer

    Autopilot does not disengage

    Well, thanks a lot for the explanation and the video. Indeed, pushing the button on the virtual yoke did the trick. Also, I was able to assign a key on the keyboard to the a/p disconnect function. Now, how can I assign a button on my physical yoke to this. The FSX settings do not know about that particular function, and the PMDG MCDU settings menu does not know my physical yoke... Thanks, Ross
  5. Lineairer

    Autopilot does not disengage

    Thanks, Scandinavian, I will try this out tonight. Now, is it right that if I press the left button to activate, the right one comes on as well? Second, I have assigned the yoke button using the FSX settings (same as the Z key), and the same setting I would use the deactivate the autopilot on the Aerosoft Airbus. Is this the right way to do it? Thanks, Ross.
  6. Lineairer

    Autopilot does not disengage

    Hello I am experiencing the following issue where I seek for you advice (stock FSX, PMDG 777, ASN, no other addons - win 8.1) The autopilot does not disengage, neither the assigned yoke button, nor the keyboard, nor pressing the AP button works. For the keyboard key, I see the button getting depressed on the MCP, but with no effect. The only way to disconnect is by using the bar, but then I cannot silence the siren as the yoke button has no effect. As additional observation, engaging the left AP always also engages the right one, both lamps come up simultaneously even if I activate only one side. Any ideas? Thanks Ross
  7. I would be actually happy to pay $200, given the fact that I have not already bought the FSX version and attach a certain value to the product. I have recently resumed simming and went to P3D academic as it was easiest to buy and gave me some modern features I will not find in FSX. To be clear, I will not invest even $80 into something outdated that does not have a future, especially if I were to invest into an ecosystem of add-ons that easily exceed the 80 bucks of the platform. Would you buy Windows and spend thousands on applications if you knew Microsoft has abandoned the platform? That said, it is entirely PMDG's choice how and when to go ahead on this. On the other hand, I do not have any understanding for people who try to circumvent constraints, because it is PMDG's job to make it work and not ours. However, I would put it into the responsibility of PMDG to end this useless speculation. I assume most of the issues have been fleshed out to the point that you can make a more concrete statement to your loyal customers. Looking at the responses in this thread, your communication does not reach the audience in a way that is needed. Looking at my business in other areas, this is an increasingly spreading disease, delaying any concrete comms until the latest possible point not because of uncertainty, but just to keep every option open. As a result, some might chose to spend endless hours on speculating in forums, others simply walk away.