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  1. Please Help, I have been told to deactivate WASM-Load Modules Acynchronous. But when I go to General>Developers>Developer Mode, I get no further choices. Where is “WASM-Load Modules Asynchronous” so I can deactivate as I have found suggested in the MSFS 2020 Forum Thanks in advance for help
  2. The brakes don’t work or almost don’t work using Ruddo pedals in MSFS 2020. They do work in X-Plane. I have tried various settings in “sensitivity settings” and can’t get the brakes to work. Please help. Lokoko
  3. Bobsk8, I have been trying to register at the Flight 1 GTN forum, but I keep getting the message that I can’t register because there a problem with the forum. Do you have any ideas on that? Lokoko
  4. Thank you lownslo. I will work on that. Lokoko
  5. I installed F1TGTN in C:\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4. It is 12.8 MB with 9 files. I installed Garmin GTN Trainer in the Garmin directory under program files (x86). When I click on the F1 GTN configure icon on the desk top I get the following message: “We could not locate the required Garmin GTN Trainer in the default install location on your computer”. But it is there. I turned off the Windows firewall and my malware program in windows 10. I can’t see where to turn off the anti-virus in windows 10. I must be doing something wrong but can’t figure it out. Please Help. Lokoko
  6. Success!!!! What finally worked was to run TrackIR as admin and then to run Prepar3D as admin. Many thanks to all of you for your suggestions and comments. Lokoko
  7. Thank you all...I will try these suggestions.
  8. Hello Everyone, I can’t get TrackIR working in Prepar3d v.4. I am wondering if there is a place in Prepar3d to enable TrackIR. Thank you
  9. Olderndirt, Thank you. In the control panel I moved both contrast and brightness from 50% to 75% and it makes a difference. Many thanks, Lokoko
  10. Thank you all for your suggestions. I will look into “reshade” and xVision. Olerndirt, Please give me the steps too get into Nvidia Control Panel while in game. My computer skills are rudimentary. Thank you, Lokoko
  11. Hello everyone! I have my screen brightness at max on my monitor. The X-plane scenery is uniformly dull. On the other hand when fire up Prepar3d, the scenery is bright beautiful. On both simulators I have the weather set at clear skys. Is there some settings to brighten up the scenery in X-Plane 11? What am I missing? Please help.
  12. Oh! Thank you...I will try that ....moving the elevator trim in HDG and VS mode.
  13. Paraffin, I assigned a button on the quadrant to “Disco servos whichever is active” and it worked. I can now turn off the AP. Many thanks for your help. Moving the elevators in “HDG” and “VS” modes did no work.
  14. Paraffin, Thank you for your reply and suggestions. I will try them today. Soaring_penguin, thank you for your reply.
  15. Please help. I am enjoying X-Plane 11 but the Auto Pilot in the c172 does not have the “AP” button on the left hand side to turn it on and off. Although, in the X-Plane c172 POH it is there. What am I missing? Thank you.
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